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Sporty attempts

Once in a blue moon I go sporty (Mommy Moments theme this week). But I am as clumsy as I can be. Heck I was just showing support to that college boyfriend when I yawned my no-idea state on that court. I buy a tennis racket because I fancy owning one not because I like playing. On my first attempt to play, I hit the ball so hard it flew extremely high and landed with an alarming thud atop a BMW on a nearby parking lot. It scared me off tennis forever.

Before getting married to Cj's dad, I thought 'hmmn.. I dated a tennis player, I would marry someone who plays golf.' Silly and of course nothing has changed. Going to country clubs and driving ranges all over Bangkok didn't make me any sporty at all. Ah well, at least the cuisine is very enjoyable.

I don't want Cj to follow in my unsporty footsteps. He shows interest in basketball and baseball so I suppose it's a good sign. Recently his Dad bought him a toy golf set because he fussed about the real clubs I had recently. Ex-hub and I have managed to remain friendly with each other when it comes to golf and movies. He lent me his clubs and since Cj saw them standing idle in my apartment for almost a year, he thought they were mine. When they were returned, he cried and tried to get them back, "that's Mommy's golfffff!"

Poor kid. He'll just have to be contented with this ball in the meantime.

~ Chris hosts Mommy Moments ~


Anonymous said…
Think Tiger Woods woman. Get him a set and on the course LOL. You'll own Bangkok then LOL. What a cute picture. I for one tried my hand at golf once...swung at that damn ball and off it went, about 2 feet. pfffft
darly said…
that's a one sozy sports momie Des, impressive :)

Happy MM and mine is up too.
Hazel said…
Thom, 2 feet??! Rofl... my very first laugh this morning. I could hardly get the club swinging.

darly, that's why I can't play it because I'm far from being sozy, lol
Jewel said…
Can't say I would blame you for not trying tennis again. hehe.

Cj is so precious. I'm sure he will find his sport and be wonderful at it!
Anonymous said…
Wow.. golf? Its only expensive here in the Philippines, unlike other countries. I am no longer sporty when I started working so I tend to point to the dad as an example. (Using the excuse that they're males). Be patient, eventually, CJ will want to play on his own.

Happy Mm!
Hazel said…
Jewel, right you are! There's a huge gap between a stray tennis ball and a BMW

judys424, even if it was cheap I'm still useless at it. Maybe I should try knitting. I would love the tea :-)
Yami said…
Interesting na sport ang golf. Hubby used to play golf.:)

Mas better na sumayaw mga kids ko ngayon nabawasan ng konti ang hiya.

Pareho pala tayo Mommy Hazel pinapahinto rin akong sumasayaw ng mga anak ko. :D

Nagustuhan mo ba yung header? Anak ko ang naglagay ng photo at text nun daig pa ako. :D
Chubskulit Rose said…
Hahahaha sis you always put a smile on my face with your post... Buti di ka pinagbayad dun sa thud hahaha.. Golfing? Sosyalin and bongacious hehehe.. Love CJ's facial expression..
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Jac said…
How I wish na maka pag golf din ako..Nice post I like it.
Anonymous said…
It's the honest to god's truth my friend. I nearly just picked it up and threw it to go farther LOL
nuts said…
oh mr. little tiger woods..
Chris said…
i always love your mommy moments entries.. so creatively written :)
Anya said…
I love always your Mommy moments
so lovely written :-)
life's journey said…
Golf one of my dream makalaro ako...happy mommy moments...
Marice said…
wow golf! gosh what a great choice baby!

u may view mine if u have time

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