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Critter cheer

Another week! Things are looking good.

1. Rearranging the furniture. I like doing it at least once a year. They're quite heavy; here's hoping I'd grow muscles. It also makes me give up things I no longer need and the pack rat in me is sorted little by little in the process.

2. Critter cheer. Yesterday morning I was awakened by tweedling birds. It's heart-warming for someone like me who's been pining for countryside quaintness or at least a hint of it to hear the sound. I smiled myself out of bed to the shower. Then on my way to work I stopped by 7 Eleven for a toast tuna sandwich. While waiting, I had a lovely time watching a squirrel run merrily along a pole wire.

3. Visiting Bangkok U library. It was my first time to be back there after graduation. Work has kept me from going. I'm happy that my ID number, although no longer valid for borrowing, was still valid for entrance. It's a relief to find what I exactly need. Now I just have to find out how and where to access the books. The visit reinforced my wish to get started on a research proposal.

4. Sweet thoughtfulness. Chet was shopping when she rang and asked if I have bought and watched Twilight yet. Sometimes I'm just so behind on the latest films. She bought the DVD so I can see it before watching New Moon this weekend, and refused a reimbursement. Isn't that sweet! Thanks, Chet.

5. An eat-all-you-can restaurant was a nice place to sit down at after the Twilight meet-up. Italian, Japanese, Thai and Chinese were on the menu. The pineapple mousse was extremely delightful to the palate.

~ Visit Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story for more Friday faves ~


Melli said…
I'm sitting here in my country home that I sometimes (but not often) take for granted the tweetering of the birds, and wondering what it must be like to wake up in Bangkok each morning... could our worlds be MORE different? And yet... sOMe days I would love to be able to walk out my door straight into the city! Jusssssst every now and then. ;)

On the other hand... I do NOT like moving furniture around! LOL! I had a roommate one time that moved the furniture at least once a month - sometimes every week! She drove me NUTS! I was always stubbing my toe on sOMething in the dark! LOL!

Enjoy those movies!
Barbara H. said…
We're opposites when it comes to rearranging furniture. :-) There seems to be only one way for it all to work in each room.

This is a lovely fave five!
Islandsparrow said…
I've been enjoying the birds this week as well.

So sweet of your friend Chet! My daughter is looking forward to New Moon tonight.

Happy weekend!
Susanne said…
What a nice thing for your friend to do. And the buffet after sounds really good. The pineapple mousse is making my mouth water.

I don't rearrange furniture too often. Unfortunately hubby's big screen is what dictates the seating arrangement.
rossel said…
i'm rearranging our furniture once a year (before the year ends). new look for a new year.
Kari said…
I moved furniture around too. I like doing that but sometimes I do it maybe a little too much!!
What a lovely week!!

p.s. we should meet one of these days don't you think?
Lazy Daisy said…
I live in the country and enjoy the birds at our feeder from my window every morning. Our indoor cats love watching the birds too....My Mr. Wonderful calls my window "Cat TV".

What a nice friend to catch you up before going to the new movie.

Hope the rest of your week is wonderful.
Willow said…
Isn't it fun to wake up to birds chirping? It makes the whole day happier!

I can go in to The Professor's uni library and browse. Then if I want a book, I tell him and he checks it out :) Maybe if you can't get your own checkout ID, you can use a friend's.

PS: Yes, you and Kari should plan to meet in real life Bangkok!
Anya said…
Wonderful week you had Hazel :-)
I had a silly week :(

Have a FANTASTIC weekend
hugs from us :-)
Lisa notes... said…
I need you to come rearrange my furniture. We never do it. ha. How nice of Chet to bring you a movie. Good friends are special.
Anonymous said…
ACK..moving furniture? Mine stays where it is always LOL I love to go to all you can eat restaurants. They are the best. And nothing better than catching up with friends. Have a great Friday and weekend ahead :)
Brenda said…
Critters make me happy too, especially waking up to the sound of birds. A movie and a meal out, those are always nice additions to the week!
nikkipolani said…
Tweets, the real kind, are lovely, aren't they? Glad you got to enjoy them.

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