Wednesday, 9 December 2009

C is for Christmas

Besides a five-year old child named Ceejay whom I love cheekiness, tantrums and all, I noticed that several heavyweights to me in terms of either fascination, physiological connection or sentimental value, come with names that start with letter C. Related one way or another, I enumerate them in thirteen sets. The final object in each set is not named but shown in a photo. Feel free to identify them. The obvious clues are they all begin with letter C and naming them is all for fun :)

1. chocolate cheese cake, coffee, cashew nut, corn and

2. cool companions, communication, colors and

3. C.S. Lewis, Chaucer and

4. cute, cheery, charming and

5. classical compositions, conductors, choirs, concerts and

6. chandelier, creative centerpieces and

7. chamomile, citrus, Crookshanks and

8. cypress, cottonwood and

9. cottage, Cinderella, and

10. calla lily, carnation and

11. cathedral, church and

12. chiffon, cashmere, cardigan and

13. carols, chimes, Christianity and of course

All images are from Google. The badge photo is from CUPCAKE JONES. I photoshopped the words. To see more or join Thursday Thirteen, click here.


Thom said...

Awesome list my friend. That is just an adorable photo of CJ :) You done did well my friend :)

Jewel said...

#1 a crumpet!

#2 - Cherokee? I'm thinking CULTURE.

#3 the Canterbury Tales!

#4 a Chihuahua with a precious little face!

#5 Umm?

#6 a crystal candelabra!

#7 a caribou?

#8 Coniferous


#10 Chrysanthemum

#11 Cinderella's Castle!

#12 I don't know. :(

#13 CHRISTMAS!!! (painted on Canvas?)

How did I do???

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

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Hazel said...

Thanks Thom. The pic was taken a few months after he lost his incisors :)

Jewel, you did very well! I enjoyed reading your answers as much as I enjoyed putting this list together :)

Hazel said...

pinaymama, thanks. heading over to the link...

Journeywoman said...

Great pictures! Happy tt

Adelle Laudan said...

What a fun list. Gorgeous castle!
Happy Holidays!

Hootin' Anni said...

I know most I think, but are we supposed to answer here? That would kinda spoil the fun for everyone else.

My Thirteen is now posted...Find 'em HERE

Hazel said...

Anni, if you want, then yes, that's okay. I'm not just yet saying anything about whether a certain answer is the same as what's on my mind - in order not to spoil the fun :)

Kristen said...

I love the way you put this list together. A little pizazz in our lists keeps us fresh. Your son sure is a cutie.

Hazel said...

Kristen, that's right about our lists, and thanks about my son.

i beati said...

fun list sandy

Ornery's Wife said...

What a delightful list!! The best TT I think I have ever read!

storyteller said...

Fabulous 'fotos' ... lovely list ... creatively clever 13 ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
My Thursday Thirteen

Anya said...

AMAZING post Hazel :-)
Your list is fantastic :-)
CJ looks FANTASTIC(a real men ..LOL
hugs from Kareltje
for GJ =^.^=
and also for Hazel :-)

Wild Woman in the Wild Woods said...

I love the way you set up your list.

Celticlibrarian said...

Crumpets! Yum! I love 'em.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What a fun approach to Thirteening!

moorebloglife said...

Very creative and clever, clearly cute (those are my C's)wonderful list!