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Christmas without you - Martin Nievera & What would you do if...

Musical Monday

He congratulated her for passing some national exam. They bumped into each other at the luncheon that followed. He flirted. She blushed. Their mothers quietly watched as his played the piano and hers sang at church functions. Her family doctors, his parents packed him off to boarding school. She got packed off herself to a different boarding school. Roses were sent. Letters exchanged. Interests changed. BAs later he courted her again. And she messed it up again. He went on to medical school while she went abroad to learn to be independent and maybe to learn how not to scare away a potential husband. Christmasses haven't been exactly magical since 1988.

Alright, alright, enough dramatic tripping down memory lane. She was me (there I just busted myself), and I'm back to 2009, an old maid with a new perspective on "without you." You now refers to anything but him, ie. parties, shopping and all I need to see standing by my christmas tree is tour therapy for neurotic tendencies.

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Monday Mayhem

What would you do if...

during the holiday someone gave you a

fruit cake If it's made by Shangri-la and no other I'd actually eat it. This one looks like a throat clogger. I won't take the risk.

ugly sweater

secretly scare the rats away with it or if it's given by someone who has no idea it's ugly, I'd wear it once so as not to offend

deodorantLaugh it off

a check for $5

deposit it to my dog's trust fund

Mr T Hmm.. he'll make a good bouncer for the sickos at work

a lump of coal

have someone who doesn't have anything to do in the world, powder it and then put it in my urn

a Miley DVD
see if my niece would want it

So what is the worst gift you've ever received?

I was probably in 3rd grade when I got a plastic ring. I recognized it as a giveaway for purchasing a bag of salted corn. Well, child's stuff. Looking back, I dunno whether I'd be amused or frown at it.

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Anonymous said…
LOL...BUSTED!!!! LOL I love the story. Things only get better if you ask me and are done for a purpose so never an old maid...just a fun loving woman with an great outlook on life :) Love your Musical Monday...And you like fruit cake...PFFFFT!!!! Boy you got a great memory ... I can't even remember what I got last year LOL. Have a great week ya Old Maid ROFLMAO!!!!
i like all your answers!
kalea_kane said…
I loved your story.

Your answers were great as well. You seem to be very thoughtful. :)
Awww, I loved your intro story to your Musical Monday. Great song!

Happy MM!
Anonymous said…
I loved your story!
Run DMT said…
Darling, never an old maid just a lady living life to the fullest! ;-) If your meant to be, it will happen. Thanks for opening your heart and sharing such a sweet tale.
I am Harriet said…
From what I hear, Mr T actually started out as a bouncer. Your dog is very lucky :)

Have a great day and thanks for playing!
Diane said…
you get the best story to go along with a MM selection award! as long as you're learning as you go, everything will turn out just fine, i think. :)

also enjoyed your answers, they were cute. your dog has a trust fund?? :)
Artsnark said…
Great story with your MM pick. Weird thought 4 you: If your dog's trust fund gets big enought, he may need Mr T as a bouncer....
Hazel said…
ArtSnark, custom-made thought 4 you: a trust fund could never get big enough for a well-loved 5-lb poodle to ever need a bouncer.
Hazel said…
Oh, Thom I'm supposed to be freaking sentimental about the darn MM post rofl... and I see how you hate fruitcake and your reaction at finding someone who likes it cracks me up. The one I'm accustomed to must be all deliciously different from the one you all hate lol....

HODGEPODGESPV, kalea_kane, Karen and Mejis, thanks

Run, it was good to let that one out in written form, exposed kind of way at last; and we're not meant to be, but I'm over that as well :)

Harriet, really?! I inferred from his looks

Diane, do I?! lol... thanks. I don't think it's exactly a trust fund that my dog has. The bank account is in my name but every penny that goes to it each month is his.
Marice said…
we have the same answer re Miley :)

here's my late entry
kirsty815 said…
Sorry it took me so long to get over been having some trouble with my computer *sigh*. Great song choice. )Oh and I saw your post for today too. I LOVE Annie and remember the soundtrack from my youth, I might even know it by heart. lol
Hazel said…
Marice, the youth in your family and mine must be about the same age then :)

Kirsty, no problem at all. Thanks for visiting and I hope your computer is now working for you without any more problems.

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