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Time with significant others

This week's STS topic: 6 things you love or hate about spending time with your or your significant others relatives had me thinking of none others but my former in-laws. I still have the memories and I thought it would be healthy to breathe those feelings (in written form) out at last. But then since it's that time of year I'll go easy on the negative; balance them with what I love and don't like about spending time with them and my own significant others:

I. We don't speak the same language :( When they're over at our place I feel like an outsider in my own home. Once the then hubster told me my piano playing was interrupting their conversation. Let's just say I must have been playing that badly, or I wasn't playing at all but making noise in my own living room.

II. In fairness, ex-hubster's siblings and cousins are generally nice. They try to interact with me. I appreciate their effort. I enjoyed the education I got from observing their way of life. They portray cultural stuff discussed in books well.

III. MIL is a devoted grandma to my son, and even my poodle. She pampered my boys and that was ok with me.

IV. Sometimes there's too much analysis of human nature in my family. That's euphemism for gossiping :(

V. I love the food and bonding during reunions. I enjoy seeing my cousins' kids all growing up fast, and hearing about their progress in school or at their jobs.

VI. BIL's influence and generosity. We have similar interests on intellectual entertainment. I loved the discoveries from what he shares with us. I cherish the fun of those all-expenses-paid weekends at beachside luxury hotels and constant marvelling into his world. A nice, handsome, scientist - isn't he the perfect BIL? WOOT! Happy christmas, ex-bro :)

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Must be hard not being able to communicate with everyone. Great list.
I am Harriet said…
Love the gossiping thing.
As far as the piano playing thing goes- they were probably jealous.

Have a great Saturday!
butterfly11780 said…
Gossiping runs rampant at our parties as well. Gets out of hand at times.
Kelly said…
nice list. Sounds like you have good in-laws (or is it ex in-laws) either way makes life easier
Anonymous said…
Great list my friend. Family can be a pain in the ass sometimes LOL Gotta love 'em though :)
I love how you put "analysis of human nature" LOL. Great list.
kasandria said…
I can't imagine not being part of the conversation. It would drive me NUTS,
babyrocasmama said…
Not being able to communicate with them and being made to feel like an outsider in your own home sucks.

I would have laid down the law, but that's just me. LOL
Hazel said…
Lisa, it certainly is :(

Harriet, thanks for verbalizing an idea that's been in my head for too long :-)

butterfly, oh you have it too lol... seriously, gossiping creates gaps among my family members. that's what I don't like about the whole thing :(

Kelly, they're exes

Thom, PITA - how right! rofl...

Princess, thanks :-)

Kas, I mustn't have been complaining. I was suffering in silence lol

babyrocasmama, it freaking sucks. big blow to a marriage that's been fragile from the start
Candy said…
I don't have any good bro in laws. My bro in law is just as stuck up as my sister!
Love your list! I too hate the gossiping. It puts everyone on edge and then everyone wonders if everyone is talking about them too.

Hate it!
The Mud Bug said…
Great list! Gossiping seems to be in all family get togethers.

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