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Loudest hands

Trophies, guns, ballerinas, free days and pom poms characterize my week. It's good to glean faves:

1. The blessing of being oblivious. I knew there was danger but had no idea how grave the situation was. A group of juvenile thugs attempted to attack our students. Seven billboards were reduced to smithereens when the attackers found they couldn't penetrate the gates. Although I understood something was terribly wrong when our students tried to scale the walls to retaliate, my limited Thai prevented me from knowing that the aggressors were actually carrying guns thus sparing me the trauma.

2. A student who did well. He belongs to the Changs, known as the problem bunch. Two terms ago he approached me with a long, fresh stitch on his belly asking permission to sit the exams. I cut him some slack not because he nearly died in that riot where he got stabbed but because despite his tough hide I notice he has potential. There was no need for extra lecture. I went non-verbal and looked him in the eye, "prove yourself worthy of a passing grade or I take it back." Then at the Wednesday awards my eyebrows clashed above my gaping mouth when I saw him go up on stage and receive a trophy for winning a tech competition. My hands were probably the loudest in the applause.

3. Ballrooom dancing. Ever so gracefully a pair of students interpreted Whitney Houston's I Wanna Run to You. It was beautiful.

STech Games 2009

4. The cheerleading squad. They got the three Bs. I'm at my best teaching them.

5. Today there are no classes, woot! While writing this, I'm deliberately semi-starving myself :) In a few minutes I'll be at my favorite Japanese restaurant eating all I want. Then I'm gonna watch Christmas Carol, buy tickets to Dionne Warwick's concert and proceed to ex-hubster's house to fetch CJ.

~ Visit Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story for more faves ~


Anonymous said…
What a fantastic week my friend. :) You should be mighty proud of #2...And don't starve too much...OOOH Have fun at Dionne Warwick...maybe she'll finally find the way to San Jose :) hmmm. Have a wonderful Friday :)
Hazel said…
Thom, my main motivation for watching Dionne Warwick is "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again" ! WOOT!
Anya said…
Nice week you had Hazel :-)
Have fun tonight on your concert!!
I hope the food was yummie.....
Susanne said…
#1 sounds very scary! So glad you were all right!

The joy and pride you have in teaching your students is so evident in the way you speak of them!

I'm so glad it's Friday too. Have a great weekend with your little guy.

Linked you up!
Hazel said…
Anya, thanks. Concert will be on the 20th :)
Carrie said…
Woah! You had something of an amazing (and diverse!) week there! Hopefully your weekend is a little calmer (i.e., no guns!). =)

Merry Christmas!
Willow said…
Yikes! The guns remind me of my years living and teaching in Los Angeles where gunshots were a regular sound in the neighborhood. I hope your students don't take the problem on outside the school.

It sounds like you have had a full but satisfying week. Hurray for #2~
Melli said…
Ohhhhhhhhh I LOVE it when a "bad" kid turns good!!! That is soooooo cool! I hope he turns out to really make something of himself! I'm lifting him in prayer!

It really was quite a week you had! Have fun with CJ!
Lisa notes... said…
Yikes. How scary # 1 sounds! I'm glad that all turned out okay. Yes, it is a blessing to be oblivious sometimes.

You sound like such an encouraging teacher. Such a blessing! Have a great weekend; looks like you've got a lot going on.
Brenda said…
Sounds like you had a frightening moment when the people tried to overtake your school. I am glad you are OK! But today sounds like a better day. Enjoy your japanese food!
Jerralea said…
Seeing a student turn around must be the pinnacle of being a teacher! I'm so happy for him!

I'm a little late coming by so you've already eaten your Japanese food. Hope it was delicious!

Have a great "rest of the weekend!"
Kari said…
I love it when students step up and prove themselves!
wow, so many emotions in one week.
hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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