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Calls and resolutions

My papers were sorted and I sat waiting for my turn at the Immigration Department on Thursday last week. A black guy approached me, made friendly talk about the foreign job market in Thailand and I responded accordingly. Only a few minutes into the conversation he asked for my number. I gave it to him. Then he disappeared into the crowd of visa applicants. I was relieved.

But there he was again when I emerged from the Government Complex. I began to get annoyed. He said, 'the number you gave me - it ...' he smiled and shook his head. I replied, 'it's the number of my company-issued phone. 'Could you give me your number?' he pressed. It was my turn to shake my head and as I hailed a taxi, I went frank, 'I don't think so.'

About 17 years ago on an island paradise I listened to Dennis de Young belt out this very song while looking out the ocean from a veranda one starlit night. The guy with me was one I would have wanted to ask for and keep my number. I would have been willingly moved to say Call Me.

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Weight lossin 2010 - For 11 years I have been stuck at 38 kilos. The ideal weight for me should be 41 and I accomplished that this year by blogging and eating loads. Looks like the job is to maintain 41.

Debt in 2010 - return what I borrowed from my son's savings account

Save money
in 2010 - more!

in 2010 - continue what I've always done since the services of Cj's caregiver-slash-maid were discontinued: do the laundry and clean the apartment myself

in 2010 - I only smoke at Hard Rock or if I want to shoot somebody but I rarely experience both and I don't have a gun, so no worries

in 2010 - I have martini, vodka, things like those once in a blue moon and I have no plans of lessening the frequency

Eat better in 2010 - less coffee, more veggies and fruits

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Anonymous said…
I love the story of Call Me Love the song...good thing you don't have a gun LOL And you borrowed from your sons savings? I hope you are paying back at 100% interest LOL Loved all your answers. Kilos...hmmm is 41 kilos 189 lbs ROFLMAO!!! *ducks from the slap upside the head LOL
Hazel said…
Damn savings - I ought to pay interest yes, I guess. If I remember it right you multiply kilos by 2.2 and you get the equivalent in lbs. You're not that heavy compared to me, Thom LOL!
I loved reading your post today! All the best for 2010 to you and yours!

Happy MM!
Run DMT said…
Funny story about Call Me! Is it me or does it sound a bit like Air Supply? Probably just me. :-P

Love the New Year's Resolutions! Glad to know I'm not the only borrowing from my kid's piggy bank. LOL :-)
Hazel said…
Thanks Karen, all the best to you too!

Run, that's a relief. I thought I was the only one doing it lol...
Anonymous said…
Was never a big DDY fan but always liked Call Me...good choice
Great idea. :) I'm going to post up some resolutions myself. Wonderful song, thank you for sharing and happy 2010!
Amanda Moore said…
Love the song, great story to go with it! Good luck with the weight gain, I'll send ya some of mine!
XoXo said…
Maayong bag-ong tuig diha neighbor!
Diane said…
i like how you tell stories with your MM!
I am Harriet said…
Wish I had your weight problems:)

Thanks for playing and have a terrific New Years!
Anonymous said…
Realistic goals, I think! Good luck with them all...

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