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Eminent Eights

Anya of KARELTJE en ikke!!! tagged us this Lucky Chinese Tag called Eminent Eights. Here it goes:

8 TV shows we like to watch:
These will have to be movies because we don't watch TV shows


i. Animals are Beautiful People
ii. Barney: You Can Be Anything

iii. Winnie the Pooh: Heffalump
iv. Baby Einstein


v. Pride and Prejudice
vi. Miss Potter
vii. Ladies in Lavender
viii. Harry Potter

8 Favorite Places to Eat & drink:

i. KFC
ii. Chester's Grill
iii. Thai restaurant at Piyarom
iv. Fried chicken stall in front of 7 Eleven on 3rd street

v. iBerry
vi. Fuji
vii. Thai restaurants in the countryside
viii. Auntie Annie

8 Things I Look Forward To:

i. Mommy coming home everyday
ii. eating fried chicken from the stall in front of 7 Eleven
iii. watching my favorite movies
iv. Mommy's approval of my drawings

v. Ceejay communicating well enough to be understood properly
vi. getting better care for Ceejay
vii. trips abroad
viii executing postgraduate plans

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

i. sobbed when I woke up to find Mommy gone to work
ii. ate my favorite fried chicken
iii. slept
iv. played with shapes

v. speed-marked papers
vii. gave the Ex a piece of my mind about the way Ceejay's nanny is dealt with
viii. panic-fed Ceejay whatever he wanted

8 Things I Love About Winter:
We don't have winter so for now we'll just imagine what we think we would love about this season if we had it in our part of the globe

i. snuggling under the covers
ii. wearing pajamas
iii. observing snow activities on different media
iv. riding sleds like Santa

v. magical white all around
vi. putting a carrot nose on snowman
vii. curling up by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate
viii. watching different snowflakes

8 Things I Am Passionate About:
Enter the spoiled brat, my other boy, Mozart

i. resisting a bath
ii. Mommy and her Nine West slippers (best munchies in the world)
iii. riding Dad's car with the window open and the wind blowing in my face
iv. toys and tender, juicy, meaty snacks

v. movies, toys and computer games
vi. holding on to Mommy's skirt at all times

vii. travel
viii. countryside living

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:

i. arrff ... arfff!

ii. I don't like!...
iii. Mommy, what's that?
iv. I want to go home!

v. I love you, Baby Pooh
vii. Ceejay! (when upset)
viii. Come Amomo, give Mommy a kiss (to Mozart)

8 Things I Learnt from the Past:

i. Too much eating gives me stomachache and I end up in Dr Pong's clinic
ii. If I did something wrong all I have to do is play cute and I melt Mommy's heart in an instant

iii. Speaking is better than grunting or crying

iv. Plan well ahead
vi. Optimism helps
A good balance of thinking and feeling works wonders
viii. Patience is a damn hard virtue to practice but quite necessary in dealing with a divorce kid

8 Blog friends we want to tag:

i. Thom
ii. Chris
iii. Rose
iv. Genebei
v. Rocio
vi. Jacris
vii. Rossell
viii. Tetcha


Anonymous said…
You are just brilliant my friend. To include Mozart and CJ in this was a stroke of genius. I lvoe all the answers. Panic-Fed CJ LOL Love it and him holding onto your skirt...just priceless. :) Mozart and your Nine West Slippers...has me rolling. Thanks for the tag my friend. I'll get this done soon :) Much aloha and have a wonderful day :)
Ebie said…
Hahaha! So many things I know about you, Ceejay and Mozart! This is a good tag and I just came from Anya's!

P.S. I hope I can visit Italy soon!
Hazel said…
Thanks, Thom. I figured if I included my boys in this tag, I get away with half of every eight, lol!

Ate Eb, mga taong way mabuhat hahahah... Italy is also in my to-visit list one of these days
Anya said…
I am almost to late
I have a big cold (yesterday no blogging)

I love your answers
and also from Ceejay & Mozart !!
I would love to see your "Nine West slippers" ...... LOL
I think they are very funny!!!

Thanks for join the fun Hazel :-)
Hazel said…
Anya, my poor Nine West looked like remains of a massacre before I had to let go of them... rofl!
Chris said…
my first tag for the year... ill grab this soon :)
Rossel said…
thanks, hazel. this is my first tag for 2010.i'll definitely grab this.

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