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Mothering and a New Favorite

Friday's Fave Five: Getting Settled with Mothering
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This week flew by very fast! I mean this fast that I noticed it then I couldn't believe it. Yet it was a TGIF greeting for a co-teacher in the lift this morning. It's perhaps because from Monday to Thursday I was like laundry in a washing machine whirling, soaping, rinsing and finally spinning myself to a blessed Friday while snatching faves along the way:

i. a write-up finally taking shape
It still needs polishing but there it is - 800+ words already and covering almost all points necessary for submission. I strongly suppose Ceejay's full-time stay with me has much to do with its near completion status for I am

ii. getting settled with mothering
Although having to look after Ceejay without a caregiver now (the ex terminated her services) terrified me at first, I am thankful that my struggling efforts to try anyway are turning out okay. I'm sleeping with a baseball bat and there are dinosaurs on the margins of my conference paper; and why is my bathrobe belt now tied to the strap of my purse...? Boys! It helped to have conditioned my mind to be amused, not stressed by all this.

iii. a flower-bordered way
Everyday during lunch break when I rush back to the apartment to check on Cj I have these bougainvillas and hanging purple orchids to look at. This nature display makes for a cheery walk, and a song Mama and her friends used to sing in church long time ago comes alive in my mind, " the cool of the day He talks with me, in the rose-bordered way He walks with me...." Somehow it is comforting to me.

iv. Lang and Wise mugs
Things come and go. As I looked into drawers to find replacements of coffee cups that were broken last week, I found my mugs. They depict original paintings; one by Sherri Buck Baldwin called The Herb Wagon and the other by Lowell Herrero called A Family of Felines. Admiring the rustic charm on them was all I did when I was married. They're too beautiful amidst many things that didn't appeal to me. They symbolize what I really want in the long run and I didn't want them used with anything that was the opposite of my dreams and wishes. Now it feels awesome to finally be reunited with a reminder of what makes me happy.

v. our loot from the Filipino store
Being imported, they're naturally expensive but I had a blast shopping! It's wonderful, just wonderful to eat foods from home. Cj loves the cheese spread, Del Monte mango juice and ketchup. I love the entire loot!

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Mommy Moments: New Favorite
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Now that Ceejay stays with me full-time, I get to understand his new favorites more clearly. Usually after reviewing and then buying CDs and DVDs I present them to him and just let him choose what he wants to watch and we take it from there. I'm happy he likes Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible. He loves the blowing of horns in Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. I watch it too when I'm not nostril-deep in work.

He also loves Bugsy and the raining gum balls from Walt Disney Bedtime Stories:

When I'm preparing his food he loves to 'help.' His new favorite in the kitchen is his new discovery: the knife. His curiosity scares me as he also loves to jump up and down while exploring it. The other day I sliced tomatoes in the bathroom, hid the knife in the tissue box and gave him a plastic alternative from his 4th birthday. The knee situation is from last week when he dived into rough concrete.

When he gets bored with other things he mimics his Baby Einstein art DVD and transforms these into many different shapes over and over:

He tried and liked the mango juice when we were off to a resort town for the new year. We shopped at the Filipino store and Del Monte mango juice is now his new favorite drink: (ouch! imported cans are pricey, Ceej!)

Next week, next month or the next minute we wonder what will our kids be up to. Let's brace ourselves for that.

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Enchie said…
Hi Hazel!I like that Greatest Heroes and Legends. It's one of the most recommended we could let our kids watch. Will look nga for a copy of that. Thanks for sharing. :)

Have a lovely weekend!
Jewel said…
Full time now? That's great!
Hazel said…
Hi Enchie, I hope you find a copy. I buy mine from a sanitarium here that is run by the same organization that has associations with the CD producer.

Yes, Jewel full-time now and I'm kinda overwhelmed but trying anyway :)
Jac said…
My kids love the Bedtime stories.We watched that movie in theater and after a month we watched it again sa DVD nman.
happy weekend and God bless you hugs!!
Rossel said…
Nice pick Ceej! You have a smart kid Hazel and he has good tastes except for the knife of course. lol!
Anonymous said…
His poor ooowwweee! You cam tell I don't have kids. Never heard of those movies. YIKES! You think Del Monte is expensive what til he gets into the hard stuff and sports. :)
Hazel said…
Jac, with the way kids operate we end up watching a movie again and again :)

Rossell, the knife is my issue this week. Sometimes I get all hyped when I suddenly think of where could I have put it before I left for work.

Then Cj might just have to revise his future faves, Thom. Aside from being penniless, I could be downright stingy lol!
nuts said…
my kids love all disney movies too and Bedtime Stories is just of their favorite too..
Tetcha said…
Why do kids love fiddling with adult stuff? If Justin has his way, he'll use everything in our kitchen for his little chef activity. He likes to pretend that he's cooking. LOL!
Melli said…
Hazel, I feel for you... and I'm praying for you! Being a single mom is NOT an easy thing - and I know from my own experience! I didn't marry until my eldest was 10 years old. I never had to leave her alone during the day - I always had school or daycare to take care of her. But at 8 & 9 she had to stay by herself after school until 9 at night 2 nights a week while I completed my schooling. I HATED that! I had very little family support and I just did whatever I had to do. God does look out for these little ones... but that knife infatuation would scare ME too!

All that aside, it sound like you've had a wonderful week! Pricey mango juice will be a great "special treat"!
Susanne said…
I chuckled when I read the adventures and "discoveries" you are having with your CJ. Yup, that's what life is like with boys. LOL.

I've never seen that Greatest Heroes series. I'll have to look at the book store for it. And I've been meaning to rent that Disney movie. My young teen daughter really liked it.
Susanne said…
Oh, and I forgot to say to mugs are absolutely beautiful!
Hazel said…
nuts, disney stories seem to be universal in popularity with kids

Tetcha, I have the same question. I understand the pretending bit. I did a lot of that when I was a kid myself.

Melli, thank you very much for sharing your experience. That counts for another fave of mine this week!

Susanne, *smiles* and I have a hunch this is just the beginning. Yes, mugs are a delight to keep.
Carrie said…
I AM glad that you are getting settled into mothering. THat's wonderful! And although I was here for FFF - we also watched the Greatest Heroes and Legends series around here and LOVE them! Our current fav is David & Goliath! AWESOME series that I was planning to blog about here shortly.

Hope you have a great weekend!
darly said…
kids nowadays talaga grabe ang curiosity, buti na lang di masyadong nasaktan.

Reading books talaga is the best fave activity to have- learning while having fun di ba.

Happy MM and thanks for the visit.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, God bless.
Lisa notes... said…
Those flowers are so pretty. Glad that it’s working out with CJ and full-time mothering. Keep up the great work!
Brenda said…
Those mugs are so beautiful! I love drinking out of a pretty mug.

Its fun to find yummy foods that are familiar to us. Sounds like a good week.
ellen b. said…
What a fun post this week sharing your favorites. Well done in your mothering efforts! What a very hard job that is but oh so fulfilling. Enjoy your weekend....
Chris said…
great movie ideas.. since they are into watching movies every weekend, i would want my kids to watch those too...
pehpot said…
Hi Hazel! It's been a while ah.. sobrang busy bec of Sati and our contest, by the way invite kita to join the biggest contest in blogniverse. We are giving away $500 and more. First prize will win $200. Click here for more details!
Sis said…
What a cute blog! I'd like to spend more time here reading - but what is 'more time?' LOL

Have a great week!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Ang gwapo talaga ni fafaf cJ hehehe... Ouch for the knee, sana okay na ang bobo nya..

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