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Something fishy

Seafood was major in my diet during christmas and new year. Foremost was fish. I hopped from one restaurant to another and had them either deep fried with salads or steamed with lime and herbs. Fish was the star feature of the culinary delights I engaged in, but then I'm a regular fish eater.


are the fish I ate over the recently concluded holidays. Got anything you like on the list?

1. Silver Pomfret
2. Rabbitfish
3. Black Grouper
4. Sea Bass
6. Australasian Salmon
7. Yellow-fin Tuna
8. Chub Mackerel
9. Nile Tilapia
10. Mediterranean Cod
11. Asian Carp
12. Atlantic Halibut
13. Red-tailed Gourami

Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by Megan and Janet


Anonymous said…
Mmm mmm mmm give me any kind of fish. Raw or cooked. I love it :) course I like any food except liver and eggs.
Hazel said…
Now that you mention raw - I just remember I never had raw fish over the holidays, and that is one of my faves - raw tuna soaked in vinegar and mixed with coconut milk with onion, ginger, chilli and garnished with cucumber. Yum!
Anya said…
We eat raw fish
"herring" I don't know or you know that fish but it swims in the nord sea and its a Dutch speciality,
we eat it with onions !!
Its YUMMIE.......delicious :-)
i beati said…
tilapia and pollack can not get enough
Janet said…
I love fish, and I prefer to eat it out...don't like cooking it! Sushi is my fav, tho :-)
Hootin' Anni said…
I'm fond of cajun catfish [the farmed fish...not the mud suckers you catch. LOL]

My 13 is all about "If you're from Colorado you'd know...." HERE Scroll down just below my pencil sketching to find the list.

Happy day to you.
storyteller said…
I love all kinds of fish ... (even pickled herring) ... sushi and sashimi too ... probably my fav is Seven Spice Ahi from Duke's ... delicious ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Unknown said…
My favorite feed is of fresh perch. Your list is pretty 'fishy' LOL
Happy T13!
Mia Celeste said…
I'm fond of fish too and I'm always looking for new recipes.
Journeywoman said…
I'm highly allergic to all none of these are mine. Ah well. Happy TT anyway
I am Harriet said…
That's quite a variety. I'm into Tilapia at the moment.

Have a great day!
Unknown said…
I haven't even heard of some of these. But then, I live in a dry place. Mostly I eat frozen fish from the grocery store.
XoXo said…
Yay! i love the gourami, yellow fin tuna, salmon but not the mackerel, allergic ko ana...burot burot ako nawng. hhhmmmppphhh!! Happy New Year diha silingan!
Shelley Munro said…
I like fish too. Some of these aren't familiar to me, but we eat a lot of salmon. Hubby smoked a huge fillet the other day. It was delicious.
Amanda Moore said…
I'll take the Cod and Halibut, come to think of it the Talapia too, love the white fish!
Mmm...your list is making me hungry...

We have a decadent seafood bisque on Christmas Eve - lobster, shrimp, salmon, haddock and mussels in a heavy cream sauce, served over rice. I look forward to the Christmas Eve dinner 364 days a year.

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