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New Year Luck

And so we went. To Hua Hin, Thailand's famous royal beach resort town for Countdown 2010. It is where I partied almost every night in 1998 B.C. (Before Ceejay). A minute-old quick search showed it's now HM The King's permanent residence. With a monarch for a neighbor, do people here behave? *smiles* Of course they do.... :-) What were you thinking? Everyone is in a festive mood. At least that's what I saw after leaving our bags in our hotel room and getting out to blend in with the required new year blast.

I lowered my expectations on places to stay because we had no prior booking anywhere. My friend's BIL who arrived ahead of us with his family rang us to get ready with our cards because the only available rooms left are at the Hilton. "Cj's Disney budget is so getting chipped by this new year brouhahah," I dozed off the worry as the bus took us closer to the resort. Opposite Hilton, went the correction to the earlier advice. It also confirmed that we didn't have to sleep on the sand after all.

There's the blue moon hanging out with Hilton from our porch. The greeting is as tipsy as my camera.
Night has only begun after the clock struck 12. This is Soi Bintabhat, probably the liveliest street in the resort.

We goofed inside our room. If you look closely behind the model's elbow, Cj's milk bottle top hides conspicuously with our make-up. Damn give-away.

I took Cj to All Seasons where another luck kissed us: we were given a table without reservation. The restaurant flowered with caucasian diners. The only asians there were us and the staff. The food ... heavens, it was yummy!

It's tantrum season for Cj as well - some reality that I managed to pull out of through the holidays. Another type of luck, if you ask me. Finally we trooped to the beach with Cj's battery getting low. A cousin's wife, an early childhood expert gave free advice on tantrum king's behavior. It tasted luckily better than the strawberry margarita or mango rum daiquiri that I didn't drink. They looked odd beside Cj's milk.
I hope your new year celebration was just the way you like it.

is brought to you by Ebie and Arlene


Genejosh said…
happy new year sis! kanindot ba sa inyong giadtuan for your new year and makamingaway mana imo t-shirt...LOL!
MsRay said…
Happy New Year, Hazel!
Hazel said…
Genejosh, lol...lonely T-shirt, is it? but we had fun out of it and into the celebrations.

MsRay, thanks. Happy new year to you too!
Anya said…
Happy New Year
or in Dutch we say
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar :-)
I can see you had FUN !!!!!!

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)
Hazel said…
Thanks for the 'dutch' new year, Anya. You are right. We had fun :)
Anonymous said…
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to you and CJ and the rest of your family.

Damn, I was so hoping to hear about the trip while you were sleeping in your tent on the sand on the beach LOL. Now don't be going there that this trip is dippin' into CJ's Disneyland trip....pffft...Excuses Excuses!!! I love all the photos. Your Tee Shirt is the bomb!!!!

On a different note and I'm just curious on this one. CJ still uses a bottle? I'm sorta confused here because he seems too old to be still using a bottle or was it just the way you store his milk.

Glad you had a good time and are safe and sound at home :)
Chris said…
happy new year :)
chubskulit said…
So you're single that night sis hahaha. Nice start of the year, the goodluck is on your side.

Sharing how we Welcome 2010. Have a blessed Sunday!
Joops said…
New year in a resort is awesome!

Our malling adventure
Hazel said…
Thanks, Thom. I like saying that out loud - Hau' oli Makahiki Hou. Nice tongue twister :)

In was excited to tell you about how the sand seeped thru our nostrils, and it would have been more memorable if we slept on a tent, but our advance party (friend's BIL) booked us opposite Hilton. Cj's Disney budget is safe. My friend and I made plans when to go, and we have tentative dates already.

My friend's friend dared her to wear the tee shirt. She dared. Inside the hotel room, lol! I just made sure it was documented.

And you are right - Cj is too old to be drinking milk from the bottle. (divorce kid is synonymous with a lot of issues) I am working on weaning him off it. When he feels embarrassed he just hides and continues his bottle business, but here's hoping it's gone before 2010 is over.
Hazel said…
Chris, happy new year to you too!

ay bolatik lang yon sis. ah well, technically tama kasi single naman talaga ang mga byote namin. kaya lang ayon may biik palang nakasabit sa saya wahahahah!

Joops, yeah it was :)
Ebie said…
Happy New Year!! Pssst, Haz, pass on that luck!
My MIL gave me a tip on weaning, akong gipahiran ug ginger and nipple sa botelya, hahahaha, it worked with Zee!

Thanks for the friendship in blogging and looking forward to more posts for the year!
Jewel said…
Manigong bagong taon! Sounds like it was quite the celebration!! I've always been a homebody for New Years (avoiding crowds & such), but it would have been fun to join you!

In reference to your comments on my blog: I think the traditional understanding of "keeping the Sabbath" means rest and no work, so it is my intention to not do any homework on Sundays, and therefore choose to rest and reflect instead between morning and evening Church services. :)
Rossel said…
happy new year, Hazel. what a great celebration you had. may you have a fruitful 2010.

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