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Plans and Guesses

MUSICAL MONDAY: Ever Since the World Began - Survivor
(Please scroll down a bit for Monday Mayhem)

Survivor sings about destiny, a huge puzzle, some big plan. Whatever my destiny is, I'm sure I'm not finished with myself yet. Or if some supernatural power is shaping my course, it is up to me how will I react to the game. I do think I have some say on the remote control. Aside from having no serious question on other claims in this song, there is one line in it that moves me today - "we try and go as far as we can."

It is a subtle reflection of what a friend and I have been planning over the holidays. Last night she researched and left her findings on my chat window. I gathered a few documents to produce a tool that will help polish the plan. This year, this start of a new decade, I'm going as far as I can. Here's wishing all of us inspiration to pursue things that make us and others happy.

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MONDAY MAYHEM: What is it and what do you do with it?
(Please scroll up a bit for Musical Monday)

My guesses:
1. Some liquid in a glass; I see a straw. Drink it if thirsty; if it's not poison

2. The head looks like Fido Dido; the whole thing reminds me of 3rd grade art. You splatter ink on paper and figure out what you have formed. 3. Well-done bun or fried chicken. Eat it.

4. It's a muffin underneath. Lift the cover to find out if it's muffin or a door knob.

5. A candle. Light it. The background looks like my mother's curtain. I'd use it to wrap the antique urn Grandpa gave me.

6. Knock, knock.... Is anyone there?

7. Jungle thorn. Don't step on it.
8. A woman walking towards the light. I'd keep healthy and fit like her.
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Anonymous said…
I love your Musical Monday. How inspiring is this. I wish you all the luck my dear sweet friend in accomplishing all that you can :) How magnificent this is :) Love it.

Monday Mayhem - I love all your guesses...Ya have two fives ya know...LOL. I love your 3. Have a fantastic week ahead :)
Anonymous said…
good lyrics...even tho "eye of the tiger" is struggling for room in my brain now...
Jedediah said…
I don't think I had ever heard anything else but Eye of the Tiger... Great song, I've always liked that voice.
Hazel said…
Thanks, Thom. no. 3? ahahahah... you're telling I'm not fond of eating lol!

Hi Coopernicus, Eye of the Tiger is just cool!
shopannies said…
such a great song I remember listening to alot of songs like that as a teen
Hazel said…
Jedediah, I'm like that with other bands

shopannies, I listened to them then and now :)
Good luck with everything! Great choice for you. Happy MM!
I enjoyed reading your Mayhem Monday entry
Diane said…
i liked your inspirational Musical Monday! great answers for Monday Mayhem too!!
Run DMT said…
I only knew Survivor for Eye of the Tiger. Nice to know they did other things! Thanks for sharing such a sweet song.

Happy MM!
Anonymous said… dear sweet Hazel..look at the numbers by your answers...that's what I'm talking about LOL :)
moorebloglife said…
Very inspirational putting it in my faves. Kind of sounds like Journey.
Happy MM!
kalea_kane said…
I liked your Manic Monday answers and Music Monday. I had no idea that there were more than two Survivor songs. The only ones I knew were Eye of the Tiger and The Search is Over.

Have a great Monday!
Anya said…
Very weird song for me ....... LOL
Not my choice :(
I'm honest !!!!
I am Harriet said…
Wonderful answers to Monday Mayhem.IT is fun to read what others think. Thanks for playing!
shydub said…
Ohhh so thats what its called Jungle thorn hehehe.

mine is here
You had some creative answers there for Monday Mayhem. Jungle Thorn? LOL
Hazel said…
Thank you Karen, Melissa and Diane.

Run, there was a time I knew Survivor only for The Search is Over lol!

Thom, isn't it 5? lol! I do that all the time. I never would have seen it right away if you didn't notice it and tell me. Thanks. I will fix that in a moment.

moorebloglife, yeah in some of their songs they do

kalea_kane, thanks

Anya, no problem if it's not your choice. It's mine :)

Harriet, thanks

Shy, ay da... gi English ra gud nako ang tunok sa lasang nyahahaha!

Melissa, thanks. Glad you find jungle thorn funny :-)

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