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There's growing up to do in 2010

Our Mommy Moments theme this week, New Year List, is just perfect for me.

Last Sunday CJ refused to return to his Dad's house. Through a torrent of tears he burst, "I want to go home ... to Mommy!" Saying that while afflicted by speech development issues made me realize how anguished he must be. A crushing grip on my heart induced a vow - grant his wish even if it meant shaking up my entire life.

Some factors (besides divorce) have affected CJ's bi-lingual skills. The nanny speaks Burmese in a predominantly Thai-speaking home environment. I speak 98% English and 2% Thai with him. He also hears me speak 3 other dialects with my friends. Time is ripe to sort out this little kid. Doing so falls at the beginning of 2010 - a new year, and a new decade. The coincidence is kinda inspiring--

1. Another birthday. Ceejay turns six in May. It seems only last week that I was a nervous Mom getting an 11-month old infant through Thai immigration, clutching documents and answering airport police officers' questions.

2. Changes. Opposing views on CJ's speech problem are going on between the ex and me. In the end it will have to be my decision since I have full child custody. I strongly feel serious changes involving passports and visas are in the offing. Again.

3. A promise is a promise, right? I promised CJ Disneyland for his sixth birthday, and that's where we are headed in a couple of months. I'll check out three of the world's tallest buildings in Hongkong too, and take a side trip to Macau.

4. Schooling. It will be homeschooling for CJ if traditional school does not suit him. An aunt recommends A Beka Academy and I'm eyeing PhD applications.

5. Wedding. I'm going to marry in a castle! Just kidding. I don't even have a fiance, lol! What I'm saying is I need to inject optimism and humor as it's a great help in a successful execution of these plans.

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♥Willa♥ said…
wow! a Disney birthday will surely a birthday to remember.Good luck on finding a good deals.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mommy! I love your optimism (with your last goal). It would really take a lot to bring a good woman down.

Just keep that positive attitude. Enjoy your vacay in HK and Macau. Are you trying the bunjee jump? Nice to scream all your worries away there. Happy MM!
Hazel said…
Thanks, Willa.

Mommy Judy, you got me laughing at the bungee jumping bit. That's quite an idea if I weren't afraid of heights. But who knows, baka darating ang tupak ko't makapag-experimento tuloy ako LOL!
Enchie said…
Love your happy disposition and your views, what a birthday celebration for ceejay, wish ko rin madala son ko sa Disneyland.
Tetcha said…
I love the last item on your list. LOL! Seriously, though, I hope everything with Ceejay gets ironed out soon. I think you made the right decision to let him stay with you. Hope your 2010 goals will be accomplished.
Chris said…
i love this week's list.. it just gives me a brief "overview" of your life this 2010..

by the way, i didnt know you are considering homeschooling too.. its always an encouragement to hear someone is heading the same direction as you are...

i know God will help you to achieve your goals this year! keep the faith!
Hope everything will turn out well with you... that's the way to go. Hope you can achieve everything!
chubskulit said…
Wow sis, di na kita nyan marireach hehehe, joke lang I know naman that you are a humble person.

Good luck!

My New Year's List
Princess Sarah said…
wow, that's my kiddos dream, hopefully someday. Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
I think those are wonderful goals. Especially the birthday present :) WOOT :)
Jac said…
The 5th new year's list is cool. ILove reading your post mommy.Happy New Year!!
nuts said…
im looking forward for next post, your trip and wedding in a castle.. :D
Kero said…
great list, dear! Congratulations and good luck to your Disneyland trip. your kiddo will sure feel grand :)

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