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First week of 2010 faves

Nowhere near any computer was I on new year's day. I was exfoliating my heels on the sand with seafood going on at our beach table in a resort town. Then twirls and drama fell and now let me see what faves do I get out of them:

1. Food, glorious food! Was it the new year or what... maybe the holiday cheer easily satisfied my palate. The restaurants met my culinary expectations so well. It's great not to mind the expanding waistline. That can be easily solved with work.

2. Meeting family and friends at the beach. We had lovely chat over an abundance of seafood. My cousins' kids surprised me with their sizes and heights. They're all growing like wild bamboos.

3. Location of our hotel was where much of the new year action was. Countdown was awesome. I was grinning ear to ear watching everyone hugging everyone when the clock struck 12. The crowd was 95% Caucasian. Auld Lang Syne played in my head after we chorused Happy New Year!

4. No more weekly commutes. After much drama, Ceejay now stays with me full-time. And that means I no longer have to travel 2 hours both ways each week to fetch Ceejay from his Dad's. There are worries about living arrangements but we are trying to sort them out within 3 months. I am determined to take advantage of our time together: more hugs, kisses and interaction.

5. Making plans that make me happy. I can't wait to execute them. At last with the ex out of the way I can raise Cj the way I want and think best.

Susanne hosts Friday's Fave Five. Visit her at Living to Tell the Story for more faves or to join.


Anonymous said…
What a perfect FFF. The food and the family and friends...Ya can't beat that. I love your number 5...just awesome. Have a wonderful Friday :)
Kari said…
Great Five. Food and family and the commitment to be happy. That's great.
Happy New Year!
Melli said…
WOW! What a blessing getting CJ to yourself! But I can't help but wonder... will he not see his dad anymore? And won't that be hard on him? I know life is complicated after divorce with kids... I'm positive you are doing the very BEST whatever the circumstances!

Sounds like you had a fabulous New Years! Hope the REST of your year is JUST that good!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like such a fun New Year!

I had to chuckle at the phrase "growing like wild bamboo." Here we say kids are "growing like weeds," but it makes sense that the idiom would be different in different countries.

I am glad you have your son to raise as you see fit, at least for now. I am a child of divorce -- I know it gets complicated.
Carrie said…
Sounds like you had a very fun New Years!

Happy Friday to you!
Willow said…
I'm cheering for #4 and #5! Blessings to you and CJ this year as you figure out all the details.

Happy Weekend!
Susanne said…
Your new years sounds like it was lots of fun. Wishing I could exfoliate my heels in some real beach sand at a real beach! :v)
ellen b. said…
What wonderful fave fives for you this week! That is great that you don't have to make that commute!!
Have a great weekend...
Brenda said…
Sounds like a wonderful time at the beach but I think I like hearing about #4 the best. I would be happy at the beach with you with all that seafood, its one of my favorite things!
Laura said…
Meeting family and friends at the beach sounds awesome!
Valerie said…
Sounds like a wonderful week and the start to a great new year.

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