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Mommy Moments: Encounter with animals

Before there was Cj, there was Mozart (the very guy below Cj on my left side bar). Mozart is my "first-born." I had him when I was a happy-go-lucky, brand new wife. When I started noticing that Mozart's milk is more expensive than my coffee, his toothpaste quadruple the price of my Colgate, I began thinking I'd be better off having a real baby.

Little did I know that with Cj's birth came along a tough job explaining to Mozart why I was spending less time with him. I gave him a toy saying it's a friendship gift from Cj, but Mozart, the spoiled brat that he is, snobbed the toy. When Cj arrived, Mozart welcomed him with tiny, dry pebble-poo in groups of 3-4 all over the floor. I had to give Mozart lots of hugs to assure him he was still Mommy's baby. That was the first lesson I learned on sibling rivalry. I had no prior experience on what it's like to be insecure or jealous of siblings as I am an only child. I just learned it from my boys.

The chaos has just began. Mozart growls, Cj cries. Mozart asks to be carried as soon as I start feeding Cj. Mozart doesn't want Cj to cuddle him. So much more drama ensued. I was losing hope of ever seeing my sons showing love for each other (tubig at langis ang dalawa). Til one night:

Cj (11 months old that time) was playing on the bed, Mozart was sulking in the corner and I was chatting with friends online. It must have been just a minute or 30 seconds, but the next thing I saw was accident happening live before me. My dresser stool was wheeling away with Cj's hands gripping the edge while his feet are still attached to the bed. I thought I was witnessing a trembling infant acrobat. Instead of running to catch him from falling off, I froze on my seat. But quick as a dart Mozart prostrated himself right below Cj's hanging body as if to cushion Cj's fall.

Had Cj dropped, Mozart would have been crushed. But apprarently he didn't think of dying. He just wanted to save his baby brother. A dog is indeed man's best friend. That moment Mozart sealed his place in my heart forever. The bank account that I set up for Mozart's monthly expenses in the Philippines is only a little attempt to repay his heroic act for Cj.

This was taken December 2007. We used the jeep to haul in food from the palengke for the christmas and new year festivities. My boys finally learned not to quarrel while side by side. This was their first jeepney ride and they didn't want to get off.

At the Underwater World in Pattaya this summer. He was hesitant to approach the sharks

Cj's first encounter with a working animal.

I have shown related photos in other posts. I consider this important as I hope Cj learns that animals, besides pets, are to be loved, protected and appreciated for their role in the environment.

Head over to the Mommy Journey site to view more children's encounter with animals.


Mauie Flores said…
Mozart is lucky to have you! You love you pet so much.

Here's my mommy moments entry for the week:
Phoebe said…
visiting u back mommy, mozart is such a in!

anyway, mind if we exchange links?

have a nice day :)
Willa said…
cute naman ng inyong dog, no wonder he brought so much fun to your boy.
Beth said…
I was touched by that heroic story! We were "saved" by our pet dogs and cats countless of times before when I was young. So I know what you mean here.

So andito pala si Mozart. I bet miss na miss mo na siya. Buti nagkasundo din sila no? I watched in Animal Planet na talga palang nagseselos din ang dogs lalo na sa mga newborns or babies ng owners nila. Ktuwa, feeling part of the family talga sila! :)
Den said…
Mozart is such a hero and a cutie too. :)

I like the last photo with the fishes.. :]
Genefaith said…
Wow..I love the story of Mozart...ang cute naman ng "first-born" son mo..he..he..Buti naman at di nagselos si Cj anoh...

Her and History/
Our Adventures Together/
Tasty Exploration/
Anya said…
Mozart can be HAPPY to have you :)
You love him so much ^__^
You have really nice words written!
Big hug to Mozart from
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)
Tetcha said…
That was a brave act by Mozart there. No wonder he's no longer just a pet, but a well-loved member of your family.
Meikah said…
Yes, it's good Cj and Mozart get along well. :D I like your last photo, where is this?
rossel said…
wow, heroic story of mozart. he's a smart dog.

happy mommy moments!
Whoa! I love the first photo. that's a cool dog.

Happy weekend!
Jac said…
Wow Mozart is definitely a wonder dog!!!He is cute and brave.Nice story =)mommy.

have a lovely weekend =)
Chris said…
wow, great story of a life with a pet!

thanks for sharing! your post is great! you never fail to amaze me with your posts! :)
Phoebe said…
back again..done adding u mommy hazel..haays ang cute tlga ni mozart..hehehe..
jeng said…
Mozart is a smart and brave dog. You and your kids are lucky to have a pet like him. :)
Hazel said…
Hi Meikah, the last photo was taken in a national park in Chantaburi.
pehpot said…
nasiinis na ako sau ha.. lagi mo na lang ako pinapaiyak! lol

pag nagkita kaya tau ano mangyayari? mag iiyakan tayo o

grabe naman ang panganay napaka loving kahit seloso hehe..

sabi ko sa mga kids ko when they are older tsaka sila mag pet

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