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Mommy Moments: Playtime

It's random playing time here, picture-wise. It took me a bit longer to put together an entry for this week's theme. Most photos in Cj's albums are of him playing. "Damn indecision," to quote MJ from his 'She's out of my life,' (haven't gotten over him yet, btw) on choosing snaps to show off today. Cj plays in the water, on solid ground, and through the... ok, not another song, lol. He just plays virtually non-stop; I fuss about it sometimes. His Dad says, "Her Royal Highness, the Princess Mother encourages all children in the Kingdom to play, play, play while they are young. When they grow up, it will be work, work, work."

Over at his Dad's place, which I call the Toy Jungle, toys are knee-high on the floor. I occasionally tread things I can't even identify, and I'm there only ten minutes max once a week. Sometimes I sit on a bench outside the gate and watch Cj play with the village kids. But once he threw his ball too hard, it bounced too high and landed atop a neighbor's bungalow with a loud thud. I thought the roof had split open. Game over was Mommy's prompt announcement. Today, I make it simple - three snaps from the first album I happened to click while preparing this post.

Favorite spot to play in and mess up - yaya's room

With his water gun during Songkran nite, or Thai New Year:

While waiting for our lunch at S & P, he improvised the spoon into a drum stick and experimented with sounds on the table. Getting embarrassed, I asked him to lower the volume of his 'wonderful' composition, before other patrons started noticing. Luckily he obeyed:

Head over to The Mommy Journey to see more kids at play.


Chubskulit Rose said…
I like the one with the binoculars, it reminds me of EJ heheheh.. My entry is up too Mommy haze
Phoebe said…
tama si daddy mommy..let the kids play habang bata pa, kasi nga paglaki , work na aatupagin..samin din ni daddy, sia ang mahilig bumili ng kung anu-ano for gab. and sia rin mahilig magdala kay gab kung saan saan n play area..

anyway, here's mine:

have a nice day :)
got to believe said…
visiting here today. Love the Game over pronouncement.
Yami said…
Just love to look at healthy kids playing with their fave toys. :-)
elapot said…
o diba, may future music arranger ka pa! :) galeng galeng! hehehe. kahit ano talaga naiisip ngmga bata na laruin no? hehehe

Beth said…
I love to see kids play with makeshift toys! The spoon being a drumstick is one classic example.
His Royal Highness is right. The Royal Prince should play all he wants for when he's all grown up, work work work naman! :)
pehpot said…
ahaha ganyan din dilemma ko eh, lahat kase sa kanila laro eh, ultimo mo pagkain hanggang pagtulog, laro lang ng laro hay naku, so ganyan din ginawa ko haha, frist three albums at tig iisa din yata hehe..

ay you should visit, wala lang kaaliw.. and Barrio Siete too... isa pa un sobrang gay ng mga blogs na yan.

uy napanood ko na sya!!!!at maganda!!talagang knulit ko hubby ko na manood ng last full show khit malakas ulan LOL
pehpot said…
ang kulit! malay mo naman bukas e bigla mo na maisipan na sundan ang boy mo wahaha.. at least may natutunan ka sa akin LOL

actually madali lang EC, minsan pag siipag ako post ako article about it, ay waity meron na yata sa echblog ko:

TECHBLOG ni pehpot
Mommy Jes said…
ahaha nakakatuwa nmn pati spoon n fork napaglalaruan ahaha angmga bata tlga very imaginative =) sarap maging bata ahahah =) salamat sa dalaw
Clarissa said…
hahahahaa!!Ang kulit eh noh??Pero nakakatuwa dahil sa kanyang munting exploration!!^_^

Have a great weekend,Mommy Hazel!!^_^
Meikah said…
I am happy to know if my kids love playing at their nannies's room. That means they are comfortable with them, and that they are really in good terms. :)
My hubby is like that too... he's is their ally when it comes to play lalo na in buying expensive toys cause I am so kuripot when it comes to toys.
I agree...let them enjoy their play time now because when they grow up it will be serious work. Happy weekend!
Karen said…
Fave din ng kiddo ko ang water gun.
Tetcha said…
You really had to narrow down your choices to a few pictures to share for this week's theme. I bet a lot of your kids' photos are playtime moments. Thanks for sharing these cool pics!
Anya said…
Lovely shots Hazel
and very sweet words :)
Den said…
Talaga nga naman ang mga bata ano Mommy Hazel, lahat ng madampot pinaglalaruan.
Evan's Mom said…
Using spoon for drumstick? I call it creative, off course with lower voice if it's in public place, lol. Have a good weekend :)
Chris said…
it seems to me that us moms are the one who always have to stop the kids from playing and other stuff..
Mylene said…
Ganun talaga ang bata, hahanap at hahanap ng mapaglilibangan :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Care for an xchnge link?

God Bless!
Genefaith said…
he..he..unique naman ng playing time ni Cj...I agree with his dad sis..he..he...Thanks for visiting hanggang sa uulitin..he..he..Happy weekend!

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admin said…
i also agree with his dad let them play and be carefree while they are young... they really love playing with just about anything...

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