Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Mother's Day Tag

Back home Mama is the most influential person in my life, not just because she is my mother but because of the many things we went through together, and even while apart. So many things! I could write an entire book about her.

I don't have as many photos of her as I want to keep. It must be the proximity between Thailand and the Philippines. I can go see her easily when I want to. She is unflatteringly prettier than I am in her heyday. And I'm giving it to you sweet and straight: my relationship with her has been volatile. It still is although thanks to aging we have less of those matches now. She is one of the most hard-willed people I know. Over the years we have become each other's formidable debate opponent. She stands her ground like a leech on a taro stem. One of the only few times we are both sedated is when she sings in church and I accompany her on the piano, but even with that, we could still argue about how the music should be rendered.

She's a scrabble ace. I beat her only because she lets me out of mercy. Once she joked, "come back for another game when you're done with your PhD, 'nak." I doubt a win, but I'll risk an embarrassment. She can do many things I can't. She exercises principles that I don't and practises values that are not on my list. Sometimes I wonder if the rumor that I'm adopted is true. If one day she'd tell me that indeed I am, I wouldn't mind. It would be too late for regrets and what-ifs. She is my mother and she always will be.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma! I know you're reading this so I better watch my language or you're not lending me your silk blouse when I'm home.

Yami for passing me this opportunity to pay tribute to my mother. I'm tagging the following moms:


Beth Moreno

Here's a simple rule to make this activity even more fun: create you own scrapbook, post it on your blog, tag all moms that you know, and link the person who tagged you. Happy Mother's Day, Moms!


Arlene said...

thanks for the tag, zel! i will check it out muna on how to do this. ok? :)

Chris said...

thanks for the tag... :) ill post it for mother's day :Dd

Genejosh said...

thanks for the's my post:
Mother's day tag

earthlingorgeous said...

Yay! So glad that this tag has come a long way now :) Weeee!

Happy Mothers Day!

Arlene said...

Zel, you are tagged!

Happy week0end!