Thursday, 14 May 2009

There is party after divorce

Having a life after divorce is not a question to me. I didn't allow divorce to obliterate my life. The question is what is in this life, aside from having a kid to have fun with and more importantly, to live a good life for?

During mother's day on Sunday, I didn't know what to do with my day until I got invited by friends to a fantastic weekend in Chantaburi. Since it is Thailand's fruit province, I thought a fruit party was in order. But I was treated to something more than that.

Irene, her son Josh, Chette, my son Cj and I trooped, friendly invasion style, to Gelan's townhouse early Saturday (May 9th), before joining a handful of Filfriends at a secluded beach. There was no phone signal there. "Charming," I thought, "this dot on the map is all ours." Irene had to walk a few meters up an elevation where she did her call center business without interruption. Surprisingly, ex's ring came thru. I assured him his son is ok and quickly returned to familiar socializing.

We had a blast the following day. Namtokplio National Park is one place where I had the most fun since my 2006 UK holiday. Nothing beats mingling with a battalion of fish that are so used to human presence in their midst. They swam along, around and through our legs gleefully expecting their snack. We eagerly obliged.

This party reminded me of things that I thought were now forever behind me. I have almost forgotten what it's like to have a laugh that siphons toxic substances off your anatomy. Gelan and Cj hit it off at the waterfall. I found it sweet of our host to spend time with my kiddo while I enjoyed myself in the water with all the fish. And it was particularly exhilarating to experience once again what I used to take for granted: walking with a gentleman who kindly offers to carry my bag and shows protective gesture by automatically moving to the danger side of the street. Gelan is modest about it but I sincerely appreciate acts of thoughtfulness that I so miss and would like to say thank you just the same, Kababayan :-)

After my greeting reached Ma, she told me she met someone who gave an introductory speech at a conference she attended over the weekend: my sister-in-law that never was. Phew, beautiful memories here and there!

Now what is up with this All Over Him? Lol... Today got me over yesterday.

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