Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday 9: Hot Fun in the Summertime

1. Is summer your favorite season? Why? ~ yes, it is when I forget work and have so much fun with people outside work

2. Do you exercise more in the summer because you wear less clothing?
~ I eat and sleep more in the summer with all the parties I go to. My form of exercise is walking with all the sightseeing I do

3. Do you enjoy tanning or are you more concerned about the dangers of basking in the sun? ~ more concerned about dangers of basking in the sun

4. You are on the beach when a waiter appears for your drink order. What do you ask for? ~ an ice-cold fruit

5. Do you camp in the summertime? ~ I used to. Once I was about to camp with other tourists in a national park, but the crown prince was spending the night there too, and we were asked to 'behave.' Great place, not so great timing.

6. What was your favorite summer vacation as a kid? ~ being a farm princess every summer to a grandfather who spoiled me rotten; gave me a pinkish, pregnant buffalo for a pet

7. Do you enjoy sleeping outdoors? ~ when it's with people I like, yes

8. Do you throw a summer barbecue every year? ~ not every year, but when I'm home it's 'eat all you can' for family and friends

9. Have you ever been to a nude beach? If yes, what did you think? ~ no; but if I ever get to one, I'm sure I will learn something


AD said...

NUMBER 6 was beautiful :)

Genejosh said...

he..he..preggy buffalo for a pet..kahimos...

BTW, got an award for an interesting blog like yours. Please grab it on your free time at you like it.

I am Harriet said...

Loved your nude beach answer.

Have a great weekend.

NurseExec said...

Great answers! Have a happy Saturday :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I hope someone told the prince to behave, too! :) Have a great Saturday...

Anya said...

Lovely answers :)
Have a puurfect weekend !!

Beth Moreno said...

hi mami hazel! sorry i wasn't able to visit your site for awhile. i just gave birth kasi. i posted a pic of our new baby. visit ka na lang sa page ko. dropped ec na din po. =)

Anya said...

I want also a new BAG......LOL