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What is in no. 8?

Tagged by Genebei, I'm going numerical today focusing on number 8. My life seems to be attached to 8 in several instances. It's the end number on years I remember as some of my milestones:

1978 - started school

1988 - hit by Cupid

1998 - revised application of a few theories after making wrong personal and professional moves

2008 - caught a positive turn-around; resolved to keep it that way

Guided by a belief that 8 is a lucky number, my father chose 8 as the date on my BC when he sorted a registration error.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
~another weekend of fun in the countryside!
~hearing from VinD
~meeting the parents of kids at Cj's McDonald birthday party
~sightseeing that goes with an upcoming, out-of-town faculty meeting
~Harry Potter 6 in July!
~trip to Hongkong with a co-old maid
~the return of Cj's yaya from her vacay (I'm tired of baby-sitting)
~receiving my maximum salary again in a few weeks

8 Things I Did Yesterday
~paid my internet and phone bills
~ate brunch at Chester's Grill
~uploaded photos of our Pattaya trip on Friendster
~agonized over going to the wrong bank; I was supposed to replenish my visa card for my poodle's monthly supply. The spoiled brat demands new toys
~smothered Cj with kisses and hugs
~picked up Cj's toys; they're all over the floor I could hardly walk
~rang my ex and asked where the heck is Cj's pretty, little yaya

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
~play oido on the piano (I'm just so dependent on note-reading)
~analyze multiple regression comprehensively
~tend a garden
~live like Anne Shirley of Green Gables for a week at Prince Edward Island
~get cracking with my PhD as soon as possible
~ride a bike
~take Mozart (my poodle) with us during holidays

8 Shows I Watch
~The Bold and the Beautiful
~charming country living, and/or hip music and fashion
~Law and Order
~National Geographic
~Oprah Winfrey
~The Adventures of Shelock Holmes (ok I have read and almost forgotten most of the books, the movie adaptations I have yet to watch)

8 People I Tag
Beth Moreno
Life's Journey
Nel's Bebi


Genejosh said…
thanks for posting sis!

I'm looking forward too with "receiving salary again in a few weeks"..he..he...

No work, no pay kami dito sis...

very memorable pala ang no.8 mo ha...
Hazel said…
i'm tired of minimum pay during summer...hohohohoh
Beth said…
"1998 - revised application of a few theories after making wrong personal and professional moves" I love this part! Parang alam ko na nangyari dito *wink!

thanks sa tag Hazel! copied pasted na sa draft ko para di ko maforget. thanks so much!
Chris said…
thanks for tagging me :) ill do this soon!
nel's bebi said…
thanks for the tag yami. sige ayan pakilista muna sa utang ko ha. i'll do this hopefully soon =)
nel's bebi said…
ay mali, namix kita kay yami, tinag din nya kasi ako. sorry hazel, hehehe
Hazel said…
no problem, nel! just have fun :-)
Chris said…
posted my reply na!
Jenn said…
Hi... sorry it took time, but I already did the tag. Thanks!
Life's Journey said…
Sorry delayed but ok na...

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