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Silent Monks and Thom's Holiday Meme

This is the third time that I'm posting about the Hallelujah Chorus, and I promise this will be the last. Today's version is something lighter from the serious tone that the first two carried. Journeywoman, led me to, according to her, 'a neat link' of HC and it is what I am sharing with you today. You may have seen it around already but what's wrong with laughing again and releasing toxins off the body? Besides we're supposed to be merry this season, aren't we?

Diane hosts

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Who did you see kissing where?

Here comes Thom, yehey! :-)

Thom's Holiday Fill in the Blanks Meme:

I saw __Bad Boy__ kissing __Regine Mae__
Underneath the _bamboo bed_ last night
They didn't see me __toot___
Down the __cracks__ to have a __woot__
They thought that I was __drinking__
in my __lil' bar__ fast __chilling__

Then I saw __Bad Boy__ kissing __Regine Mae__
Underneath the __bamboo bed__ last night

Oh what a _scandal__ it would have been
If __Snow White__ had only seen
__Bad Boy__ kissing __Regine Mae__ last night.

Note: Bad Boy is a Philippine action star, also known as a local womanizer and rumored to have a crush on Regine Mae, Asia's songbird. Regine Mae is dating former Miss Australia's ex-hubster. Snow White is how Bad Boy calls his wife after their divorce. Everything is product of a can't-think-of-anyone-else-to-abuse-at-the-moment imagination.

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Anonymous said…
OMG...I had to subscribe to this in YouTube...It was just hysterical. The one holding the and...kept looking was just too funny. And it wasn't until almost the end I figured out there are people behind the curtain moving the words up...LOL. I thought they were like on clips being controlled with their feet LOL...But the funniest one of all was the second to the last on the right side. Jumping up and down when they held the signs up...I couldn't stop laughing on that. Well done my friend.

Your Meme is brilliant. LOL Very well done my friend. :) Bad Boy is a scum bag LOL. :) But I love the name he gave Snow White LOL :) Well done :)
Hazel said…
Wahahah I noticed there were movements but was too busy laughing to really figure out it's people behind the curtain moving the words up. Thanks, Thom. And Bad Boy is single again lol
Diane said…
i love Thom in the bus!

that video was too funny! especially the one that had to jump! lol
RA said…
Wow! Great video. I loved your answers to Thom's meme, too. Have a wonderful holiday and New Year :)
Chubskulit Rose said…
hahahaha bad boy pala hehehe. di pa rin ba kinakasal si regine? Ang cute ng video hehehe, who are you going to kiss sis this Christmas lol.
I am Harriet said…
Thanks for the explanation. Nicely done.
thanks for playing.
Hey I know that bus driver!
kirsty815 said…
LMAO love your MM pick! Sorry it took me so long to get over here! Merry Christmas!

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