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Mommy Moments: Time out with friends

History repeats itself. The saying threatens to ring true in my son's life. When I became a mom my plan was that Cj would not be an only child like me. But circumstances have a way of twirling people. My son repeats what I was while growing up.

The difference between Cj and I as only children is the restriction on friends I was allowed to have time out with. But I'm sure my mother had her reasons. In this lifestyle I and Cj are thrust in, my wish is that Cj would have more human friends and maybe less of feathery friends.

I jump at every chance for Cj to mingle with friends. Although not an everyday occurence for him, it does happen, and I am thankful. We went to the province one weekend where Cj got to hang out with a friend's son. Cj is a shy bunny around anyone new, but this is one of those rare moments where he quickly warmed up to a friend's friend. It may sound cliche but I was really happy to see him with people other than myself.

Nowadays I go out with 'my own kind.' Men tailing me and my girl friends are either our sons or nephews. And we are their friends. The arrangement suits the status.

Sometimes Cj is out with a married friend's kids like during an excursion with Gyanna and Bryce to Dreamworld. Gyanna has a special spot in my heart. During Cj's 5th birthday party, I had her blow Cj's birthday candles because Cj refused. It was mood perfectly timed for candle-blowing and Gyanna saved the day. She's a darling; the type I want Cj to play with.

This is Byrce, Gyanna's baby brother. This shot was taken in the afternoon of our day out. Little feet are getting tired....

And that's about it. The rest of the time Cj goes out with his only best friend - me :-)

As my kid's self-appointed best friend I'm forever finding ways to make his times out with me memorable. Ok I'm not sure if this is exactly 'out.' The photo shows it's out but the main ingredient of the time out was spent in the depths of the sea, lol... We are about to board a submarine as my 5th birthday gift for him.

Seriously, I think what's important to me as a mom is working on giving my son as balanced a social life as possible. When he grows bigger and older I may no longer be his best girl friend. While I still can I give him the best chances there are as possible.

A little note to fellow moms: I got a bit confused as to whose friends are we referring to this week. I included my friends in this post.

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Mommy Jes said…
aw thanks for visiting....ang daming feathery friends ng ank mo ehheh =) kami nmnkay awala png friends gaanun anak ko kasi more on cousins sya eh =)
jeng said…
I'm sure he'll grow up to be friendly and will have lots and lots of friends - feathery or not ;)

Mine's up at
Willa said…
just like my boys, they have no choice too but to be my "friend" :).Nice set of photos!
Anya said…
"Your MOMMY is you best friend"
I always sad :)

Thanks for the nice story
about your family,
and sharing sooooooo many pictures with us !!!!
Tetcha said…
I guess moms are their kids' first best friends. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.
Beth said…
I love your post!

I want to be my kids' friend too, not because they have to spend most of their growing up years with me but because I want them to open up with me whenever they have problems or just want to share something.

I also think that tagging your son along on girls' timeout is cool! It exposes him to adult environment which I think most kids need to, once in a while. :)

take care, Hazel!
yah, that's what I desire too ... to be my kids' best friends. Thanks for sharing...Here's my link:
Chris said…
you always have one of the best posts of the week! :D

anyway, pardon me for not being clear but that's what makes mommy moments creative and exciting i guess :D

thanks for sharing...
kikamz said…
suffice it to say, we are our children's first friends and we are lucky to be one!

i know as your son will grow older, he will meet lots of other friends but you will always be his best friend.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Nice bonding! Gorgeous photographs too!
elapot said…
daming pics a! thanks for sharing!

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