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Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun

One thing I like about Thailand is that it's a child-friendly society. They have a recognized Wan Dek (Children's Day) when kids are treated like guests of honor in an important event. Family elders usually take their children out to celebrate. Restaurants, parks and playgrounds swelling with children is a normal spectacle in the Kingdom on Children's Day. I quickly joined in the fun when I became a mom.

These outdoor fun photos were taken on an ordinary day. I like the children's day tradition but since it happens only once a year I don't depend on it as a reason to be out enjoying the day with my son. I have time off from work - I take Cj out. That's how I operate.

We went to the children's museum and after looking inside, spent time outdoors. It's a huge place. The only quirk was I seemed to be the only single mom there out of the record number of Thailand's single parents - 2.5 million. Yes, fellow moms, millions! and I could not find one in the Children's Museum playground that day I was out there with Cj, lol....

I was a bit worried here because my purse was too small for a change of clothing. It's still one of the things I have to come to terms with - I am a mom of an active boy and in dealing with it especially outdoors I suppose it's a lot better to act like a seasoned mom. That means no purses, no high heels and most of all - I should not be afraid to step on the soil too if it ever becomes necessary to do so. Not that I am. I was just unable to be a yaya, a mom and a photographer at the same time (mahina ang kalaban heheh). If a manicured nail was broken, it's no reason to bother a fine outdoor fun mommy moment.

Boys will be boys....*sigh*

And was I relieved when his attention shifted to these hanging greens. Aren't these the thingies they use for boxing and kicking? How about swinging? (Walang alamag talaga) I do know what does the look on Cj's face mean: Mommy, get rid of the camera and join me!

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Chubskulit Rose said…
Wow lots of fun.... Your son is so sporty!

Mine is here
Willa said…
my boys will gonna love playing on those dirt!
nice pictures,thanks for sharing!
Tetcha said…
Fun outdoor moments indeed. Nice pics!
Sarah said…
My boys loved this one too. It's great! Thanks. It's fun seeing all the pictures.

my link:
Meikah said…
Ay I like it that your government has a program like that. As I've said, outdoor play is a lot healthier and more fun than playing with the gadgets. ;)
Chris said…
great moments captured Hazel!

its also nice to know that Thailand celebrates Children's day... why dont we celebrate that here?
Beth Moreno said…
hallu mami hazel! i forgot to tell you..may award pala ako sayo. hehe...check my site na lang. mwuah! =)
Anya said…
Lovely outdoors moments, Hazel :)
Its the best place for children
to play outside,
fresh air
and then they sleep good.....

Have a nice weekend :)
Den said…
i love the Children's Day there.. ;]

nice photos.. :}
Indrani said…
Children's day are fun. I am reminded of mine.

Here in India it is celebrated on 14th Nov. every year.
Hazel said…
To chubskulit, he's only sporty when he's out in the open :-)

To Willa, playing on the dirt seems to be a usual boy thing...

To Tetcha and Sarah, thanks

To Meikah, I too personally prefer outdoor fun for my boy over technogadgets

To Chris, oo nga pala we don't have Children's Day in the Philippines, do we?

To Beth Moreno, I'll pick up the award this week. Thanks

To Anya, you're right

To Den, a sweet concept, isn't it?

To Indrani, thanks for sharing info about Children's Day in India
Mylene said…
Such a long entry hehehe...pero sulit! Your son is blessed. He has so many options to enjoy outdoor activities.

Sana meron din dito sa Pinas na Children's Day but we don't have so much good facilities here for outdoor activities. If there some, for sure it is quite expensive,

God Bless.
Genefaith said…
kaexciting sa inyong outdoor activities!

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Kero said…
your son is goodlooking and sporty ha?! hmmmnn winning combination for the ladies in the future.

Thank you so much for the visit, Hazel. Take care and enjoy the weekend!
nanaygin said…
My princess would have loved to play there.

Stopping by from MM...have a nice day!

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