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Beseeching Big Ben

Something exciting kept me busy this weekend. It's getting overwhelming. I have been procrastinating, and like I commented on a co-blogger's post, 'I must need a little electric shock on my butt to get cracking. ' Since yesterday all I have mustered was reviewing my shots of one of the world's most notable landmarks and praying that when the go signal is on, I'll be ready to face this city again:
Unwillingly going back to work after a very hyped series of holidays must have made me in need of prodding. I'm battling to topple at least 30% of necessary research by tomorrow. There are calls to make, banks to visit and a kicking urge to rise from lethargy. But blimey! I can't even remember which part of London is this:

The desire to be back in England mixes with major hurdles in front of me. At least blimey is british so that's a start. For the first time in three years I don't mind the thought of going groggy with jet lag.
Have a great week, everyone!


Kero said…
lucky girl! i dream, dream, dream to see London. Happy Sunday!

My WS entry is here
Anya said…
Hi Hazel

You have visit London :)
Its not so far from us !!!
Its a very big city
with many buildings,
I don't like the food there :(
eggs bacon baked beans in tomato sauce,
so much fat
in the early morning :(

Have a nice week :)
Carver said…
Great shots and I enjoyed this post. I haven't been to London since 1974 when I was a teenager. I would love to go back some time.
Dora said…
How i wish i am there. Nice place.
Lynn said…
True that after a vacation (or even just the weekend), at times we need some effort to go back to the daily grind.

I like your pictures. Have a great week too!
Bengbeng said…
I can relate to your feeling after a break. It is a new week n when i think of the work ahead, my head just throbs :)
London, a must see place for me, i hope to visit it someday!beautiful photos!
My WeekendSnapshot
Bengbeng said…
London goes back a long way that is why it has an attracting power to me as a tourist.
Unknown said…
hmmm, this looks like the British Parliament building--i'm guessing. Big Ben at the first photo, also at the parliament.:D
Indrani said…
Vacations spoil us! :)
Great shots!
Marites said…
i do feel the same way each time i had my long vacations. Anyway, just take it easy and in no time at all, you'll get back to the grind. No hurry heheheeh! you deserve to do it slow, after all.
Ebie said…
Talking about jet lag. When I go on vacation I maximize my days so after a long transatlantic flight, I'd come back to work the following day. My remedy: i would stay up and sleep at my regular time and 1 tylenol PM. Hope you had a great time.
Ebie said…
Hazel, regarding your question on the coins and the stone, I couldn't find any information. Tomorrow, I will ask my Japanese office mate and I will let you know.
♥peachkins♥ said…
Gosh I wish I'm there to see it personally.nice photos..
Arlene said…
nice shots, zel! I thought this one is in Bkk. hehehee

Happy MOnday!
Anonymous said…
I've heard London is a good place to start if you've never been to Europe, maybe someday!
cheesecakepoi said…
Thanks for dropping by, I hope you had a nice weekend. How I wish I'd be able to visit London in my lifetime. Hahaha..
Hazel said…
To Kero, I was lucky then. I hope I'll be luckier in the coming weeks

To Anya, I didn't have problems with the food in almost everywhere, from London to Newcastle. The salads there are superb, the meat yummy, but not the fish though

To Carver, I hope your second visit will be just as you want it to be

To Dora, England is breath-taking!

To Lynn, homo sapiens could easily get too comfortable with their great vacations

To Bengbeng, my eyebrows usually meet in the middle for a long time on my first day back at the job after the holidays :-)

To Willa, don't miss London!

To luna miranda, guesses :-) I'll verify them when I'm back; shouldn't be difficult

To Indrani, you said it best!

To Marites, I'm back to the grind now. Grudgingly... :-)
Hazel said…
To Ate Ebie, thanks for the tip; will keep that in mind

To peachkins, beautiful wish!

To Arlene, like Big Ben in Bangkok,

To bookbabie, it could be with enough financing, otherwise I'd start somewhere else

To cheesecakepoi, why not? keep on wishing :-)
Genefaith said…
wow kacute! I want to be in England if I got a chance!
Genefaith said…
sis nagtambay ra imong VS! wow kalami pangayoon oi...he..he..makamahal ra ko ug pahomot if naay mohatag...he..he...

Hyzyd's Diary/
Her and History
Genefaith said…
sis, try to register your blog at if you're accepted juz give me a buzz to tell you other details...enjoy sab to "get paid to blog"...he..he...

Hyzyd's Diary/
Her and History
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