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Anastasia and Rapunzel

"I want a fairytale." Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman

The word fairytale has a special spot in my heart. As a child I feasted on fairytales from every book my hands could lay on. Ironically, I can't remember ever owning a single, decent fairytale book. My father fed me High Road to China and Virgil's Aenid (that you are right - I didn't understand) while my mother, who is not a big fan of fiction, told me animal and Bible stories and just one fairytale - Rapunzel. Just one and once. But the magic has never left me, and yes, it's one of my favorites.

From Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, to Ariel, and many popular others, I have always enjoyed the story, animation, music, and everything of Disney fairytales. With regards to Rapunzel, the only part of the story that I didn't enjoy is the beginning because I don't believe in despicable demands of pregnant women. The rest I love particularly "Rapunzel?! Rapunzel! let down your hair..." :-)

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I would presume you know the rest. That said, my Tuesday Couch Potatoes entry for this week is Anastasia. Watch the trailer:

The movie is loosely based on the riddle of Anastasia Romanov, one of Russian Czar Nicholas II’s murdered children. It is rumored she survived the revolution and the slaughter of her family. Despite a gory historical context, Anastasia’s creators tell a beautiful story. Read more from The GW Hatchet.

Chika portion (lol): Anastasia was a pet name my college sweetheart baptized me with. Rasputin cast his curse on us so I have yet to brew a better conclusion to my own fairytale. And just last night someone told me that if I needed rescuing from my tower (read: 5th floor apartment room), I just have to say it. I climbed to bed thinking, what is going on? This sort of thing could be amusing.

May all your fairytales come true!

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Unknown said…
I do enjoy fairy tales too up to this time, watching them with my li'l girl makes it even more enjoyable. Musta?
Indrani said…
Fairy tales were my favorite too as a child.I have to catch hold of this DVD. :)
☆Mama Ko☆ said…
This are the type of movie kahit tumanda mn tayo still in our mind. I have seen yata almost all the fairytale movie again and again pa hindi nagsasawa. Nice pick hazel I love the story of rapunzel,lahat ng binanggit are such a nice movie..
nuts said…
it feels good to be child again and be enchanted with fairytales. i do watch fairytale movies.
Chubskulit Rose said…
We have this at home sis and the kids just love to watch it over and over again..

Here's my fairy tale
Seiko said…
We love these too,wala na yatang pinalagpas when it comes to disney fairy tale movie.
genejosh said…
I have a very thick fairy tales book before and I love reading them 1000x over!...LOL! I love the story of Anastasia and Rapunzel too! My favorite is "Goldfeather and Goldmaria"

About being a's hard to maintain people's expectation on you that's why maraming nagrebelde...he..he..PK's need prayers and guidance more than anything else...Thanks for the visit and sweet comments!

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Lalaine said…
surprisingly, I haven't watched this movie from beginning to end talaga..I've only seen portions of it in cable tv.. I better get a dvd of this movie for my lil girl
darly said…
hi Des, lurve ko yung themesong dito yung "At The Beginning", i used it sa soundtrack ng wedding video namin ni darly.

great choice!!
magiceye said…
childhood now seems a fairytale :)

lovely post!
sleigh beds said…
Hi, this my first visit on this blog and i like really very much fairy books.
kamz said…
hihihi! kinilig naman ako dun sa Chika portion mo dear. and yes, Rapunzel is one of those characters that i know from books and has fascinated me since. There was even a time when I refused to get a haircut because I want to grow my hair just like Rapunzel's. LOL!

thanks for joining this week and my apologies for the very late comment. hope to see you again next week for a robot/cyborg movie. hugs!
Anya said…
I love also at the moment
"Fairy tales" ..... LOL
Its long ago that I was a child ;)

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