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A Blessing in Disguise

My faves this week:

1. A blessing in disguise. My room needs serious make-over. I say serious because I've been wanting to have it as much as I couldn't as I'm always glued to my chair in front of the computer. When a friend asked if she could spend one night at my place to be near her ride for a visa run, I scampered to every nook tidying up everything. Then she rang to say she didn't have to anymore. I am as sorry for the bonding we're going to miss, as much as I feel very pleased to see order and freshness in my personal space.

2. Cool atmosphere. Our classrooms and offices are almost always close to freezing temps, while the outside is a gigantic oven. Sometimes I feel like there's nowhere to go. Downpours calm down Bangkok's raging heat. This week it's been raining almost everyday, and I really appreciate the way Mother Nature is treating us.

3. Exciting finds. There are these choice sites I didn't expect to find, but really excited to stumble upon them. They are relevant and sooo what I need to see whether future plans are feasible or not. I've never been this happy with the invention of the internet.

4. A listening ear. A friend came to me (online) with what seemed to me at first as normal everyday blues. But when his tenor went along lines like I see no more reason to keep on living, my ears perked up like crazy. Geez, aren't problems supposed to be a normal part of life now? I didn't know what or how I responded to him, but towards the end of the chat he said, "I appreciate your listening ear and understanding heart, Hazel." I'm no counsellor; my favorite part is learning to listen. No raised eyebrows.

5. Annual Bonus. Recession-Deficit-Cuts. Those are some of the reasons I heard which made me gear my end-of-the-year activities to a rather dull mode. Yesterdy I got the best news from work: there is bonus after all! I thought smiling, 'how did you do that, boss?! Ah, never mind... you are a businessman after all :-).' If I wasn't fancying something more financially demanding I would have been ready to burst China, here I come! Still I find the news most welcome

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~ FFF is brought to you by Susanne. Click her name for more faves ~


Anonymous said…
What a great FFF. I love the listening ear and the blessing in disguise. And the annual bonus...WOOT. Have a great Friday :)
Anonymous said…
no-one is sorrier than i am for having to cancel my self-invitation to your newly-cleaned sukhumvit space... huhuhuhuhuhu. can i invite myself next week? you can treat me to that beefy spaghetti i saw posted a few weeks ago. haha. impositions, impositions.have a great week-end, mareng.
Jerralea said…
Having company come is the best reason to clean the house!

Congrats on the bonus! In today's economy, that is certainly a blessing.
Kari said…
Isn't that funny how we'll clean up like mad women when we know we'll be having company!!

Great Five this week and a great lesson about being good listeners.
Oh and I love the rain!!

Happy Weekend.
Melli said…
Ohhhhhh you were TRICKED into cleaning up your space! LOL! But now you get to enjoy it... how great! :) I wish someone would trick me into washing my windows... ;)

I'm glad your ear was there for your friend. Sometimes that is really all that is needed or wanted. I pray that did the trick for him!

Congratulations on that bonus! THAT is amazing this year!
Barbara H. said…
It does wonders for the frame of mind to get one's living space cleaned up, but often it is hard to make time to do it. A little unexpected motivation helps a great deal.

I am glad you were able to provide a listening ear for your friend.

Glad for some cooler temperatures, too. And congratulations on the bonus!!
nikkipolani said…
It's amazing (and fortuitous) isn't it how company spurs us to do things we're likely to put off? Yipee on #5 - good news indeed. I'm glad you were able to be a comfort and encouragement to your friend in #4.
Brenda said…
Its so funny how house guests always give us an excuse to clean house. It makes me look at my house differently.

Sounds like a good week, glad you are getting your bonus!
Susanne said…
Someone phoning to say they are coming is great motivation to me to get my space cleaned. Now the trick is keeping it that way. LOL.

Yeah for the bonus kept!
Lisa notes... said…
Yes, it is often a blessing in disguise when we "have" to clean. Glad it worked out for you!

And what a blessing that you are a great listener! Listeners can be rare.
Hazel said…
Mareng Anonymous, not at all. come and we'll eat, drink and be merry hahahah... i still got the porch or i'll remop the floor into shining perfection lol
sleigh beds said…
I think you have appropriate reason to make over your room.

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