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Summer of 1990

"I remember the boy, but I don't remember the feeling anymore."


Pardon me for laughing first before explaining this memory. It's that line of the song that amuses me about this snapshot. He's not my boyfriend. Now I kinda wish he was. Right now it just feels right to say he was, but he wasn't :(. If only he was *kidding* lol!

Eric is a Theology major (see I remember his name too, lol). His department and mine used to do social activities together. During the summer of 1990, I fancied going with his group to Tacloban City. I didn't want to go home wearing an atrocious hairstyle like that (so I escaped and joined the circus). My parents wouldn't be amused to see their only girl looking like a boy. Eric's group were student literature evangelists out in the city selling books. I wasn't supposed to be allowed to join them because #1. I am totally useless when it comes to marketing; #2. The group had already reached the maximum number of students. But they needed a pianist to accompany them on their singing engagements, so there I was: a happy-go-lucky juvenile spare tire.

Among the details that I remember about this pic are -- my very first boyfriend, Michael (I remember his name too! lol) took this shot. Around eighteen of us were in the anteroom getting ready to render a prior-sermon song duringDivine Worship. A church elder was giving announcements to the congregation before I was to play the ... oh no! I've forgotten it ... church-goers, help! Is it called offertory? When participants kneel on the pulpit before worship officially begins?.... I just remember I played something with lyrics that go "let all mortal flesh keep silence..."
Anyway, I've also forgotten what Eric and I were talking about when Michael snapped this. The church is on Old Sagkahan road opposite the sea and it was very warm. I was fanning myself with the printed program of the worship. The girl behind me is Dr Valenciano's (a church member who treated us to a sumptous dinner at her home) housekeeper, and that little boy was perhaps a street kid who wandered into the church that day.

~ FPF is brought to you by Alicia of More Than Words ~


More Than Words said…
Do you still keep in touch with Eric! It's wonderful how pictures can capture moments that you would otherwise forget! The housekeeper behind you is looking at you like, "Can you stop talking now?" heehe
Beth said…
Had I not read the post, I would say that he's your boyfriend! But out of curiosity, I read it and found out that he is Eric, a boyfriend you wish you had.

E sobra naman kasi tinginan nyo kya I thought BF mo siya! Parang honey sa lagkit, hahaha! :)
Hazel said…
Hi Alicia, sadly no. I don't even know where he is now. The housekeeper couldn't actually pass. I was blocking the door, lol!
Anonymous said…
What a great memory. I so enjoyed the story and I'm sorry you haven't been able to keep in touch. I enjoyed this. :)
Hazel said…
Hi Beth, kung bakit kasi ganoon nalang ka iksi ang distansya ng mga pagmumukha namin, hahahha!
Hazel said…
Hi Thom, I wish I could hear about him somewhere, sometime. But I hope he can't wander into the blogosphere and see this, hahahahah!
genejosh said…
sis mabasahan ni ni Eric..he..he..lolanay jud iya atay....LOL! maau kay naa pa ka ani na picture morag kalalom sa inyo giistoryahan...he..he...
Susan said…
Thanks for sharing these memories with us!

So nice to meet you...

Have a blessed day♥
Robyn said…
Great picture and great memories!
Carin said…
You have a very good memory, so many details you remembered. It's neat to see the way you are interacting with each other.
SOOO funny how that one picture had THAT many thoughts and memories associated with it!!!!!! Friday Photo Flashback is one of my very very favorite things about blogging - I love seeing everyone's pictures. This is just too great ~ Have a good weekend ~ ♥
LOL, oh the little things that trigger our memories! Good flashback!
Anya said…
Maybe Eric comes back ;)
Sweet memories !!!
Darcie said…
What great memories to go with a great picture. Great flashback!
Hazel said…
genejosh, kung palasuroy syag blogsville basi... lol!

Susan, nice to meet you too

Robyn, thanks!

Carin, I have selective memory :)

imPerfect Housewife, as they say a picture could paint a thousand words

Muthering Heights, and they bring joy on a Friday afternoon :)

Anya, maybe Eric's just around lol!

Darcie, thanks :)

I enjoyed all your reactions, everyone and I had fun recalling that summer of 1990. Thanks.
Clarissa said…
hahahhaaa!!Sana mabasa to ni Eric lol!!Sweet memories of the past!!^_^
sleigh beds said…
Some moment in our life to be unforgettable and such snaps keep that alive.

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