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Rains usually go away once it's August. But September is about to end and it's still pouring. In fact as I write this the sun is only coming out. I hope it dries up the puddles that the downpour created last night. On another night last week we got more than what we needed


a student wading his way out the campus

Floods are normal in Bangkok but this was the first time my workplace was victimized like this

staff going home after doing overtime

blurred but I guess that's a cheerful attitude to either the guy who took this shot or to the deluge

plastic toy boats would probably look cute on this surface
the business office, ouch

I wonder about the fate of textbooks placed on the floor
Once my poodle was due for shots and there were no rides to his clinic due to the deluge. I didn't mind. It was actually fun braving 5 kilometers of water six inches up the legs, and observing the phenomenon live. At another time we (ex-hub and I) were submerged in the middle of Udomsuk Road. Water seeped into the insides of BIL's car. He and his wife fly to the US every year - and it was one time they left their car with us. No bother at all. What got to me was when I woke up one morning to the sight of my piano virtually floating in the living room. I had it! Now I live five floors up an apartment.

(Photos by Nattakit. Thanks for taking and sending them to the DBA Outlook inbox)

OWM is brought to you by Ebie and Arlene ~


Clarissa said…
Oh no!!Ang hirap naman nyan!!Must be very stressing,Mommy Hazel!!
kamz said…
oh no! so you got the floods too? do take care!

btw, thanks for the well wishes. sam is feeling better now. have a happy sunday!
sweet_shelo said…
Oh you are flooded there too. Here in Metro Manila , the city is almost a big river yesterday. Thanks God we are safe..
Anonymous said…
I never knew it rained so much there. I learned something new :) Boy I bet the flood insurance is expensive there. Stay dry my friend :)
Anya said…
Thats many water ;(
I hope you are well !!!!!
Great action shots :)
Hazel said…
Clarissa, good thing I was already home when it flooded. I didn't even know what happened until they sent the pics to my Outlook.

Kikamz, thank goodness Sam is feeling better. Sick kids worry me more than any flood.

Shelo, ay oo, grabe din ang Manila pag bumaha. i'll go chika sa GMA News

Thom, the city has this emergency team in charge of siphoning water out of the roads to the canals. Once it flooded on a Sunday and they didn't go to work because
'it's Sunday,' they said. The governor was fuming, lol! (that's according to the ex-hub)
Hazel said…
Anya, action shots! :D that's cute! I'm fine in my tower. No worries :-)
Willa said…
Well, I guess living in the Phils and getting used to it have a big advantage.As we all grew up with flood and it's already become a part of our life.
Happy Sunday!
Hazel said…
Actually Willa I didn't grow 'up with flood.' The neighborhood we lived in in Pinas always got away with floods so I'm not used to such natural calamities. What I'm used to are insurgencies. Think of walking into an establishment only hours after it was bombed the darn place is practically still smoking.

And as far as the flood situation in Bangkok is concerned, I'm surfing it away :-)
Ebie said…
Hazel, I never knew that Bangkok gets that much rain! I am sorry to hear about your piano in the previous flood, sayang! Stay dry!

Thanks for your entry on OWM, this is so informative.
Unknown said…
Wow, grabeha noh. I never thought too that Bangkok floods. Zel, pls. copy paste that site I left here. It's very grabe there in Manila. And btw, just be careful when treading on those floods, make sure you don't have any open wounds ha.
Calico Crazy said…
Oh yuck! We just ended two weeks of constant cloud cover and rain. I must admit the thought of all the water just makes me cringe. I sounds like you have a great attitude about it though. Hope you get to see more sun soon!

Calico Contemplations
Hazel said…
Ate Ebie, I removed more than twenty large buckets of water off the living room to prevent any more harm to the piano. It was good exercise.

Pacey, reminders noted :-) thanks and thanks for the link.

Calico, sometimes the water does look terrifying, especially when you witness it rising right before your very eyes.
Unknown said…
so even Bangkok was not spared from flooding! 20+ buckets of water---wow, that could fill a kiddie pool!
Hazel said…
luna, righto! :)
genejosh said…
hi sis..

dugay kalag kay nagloko si PC but now I'm back!..he..he..

I read once sa Thaivisa forum na gibaha ang BKK...i tried to left a msg mangumusta sa imo but sige gacrash ang Mozilla..grrrr...nabiktima jud inyo office diay but glad na ur OK..sakto adto naka sa talipokpok magpuyo para mas safe...he..hee...

I have a tag for you...he..he..;;
Beth said…
Hi Hazel,
Nku, wla yan mga pics na yan sa nangyari dito sa atin. Siguro by now, you heard about it already.

So heartbreaking watching the news today, kakaiyak hearing people lost their loved ones, houses, etc.

Take care, Hazel!
Hazel said…
genejosh, talipokpok :-) nilutaw pati wires, sis. mao na ang hadlok.

Beth, yep I heard about it. My connection being slow last nite was probably a blessing, or I would have gone to bed with images of the disaster. Sorry to hear about it. Ingat kayo dyan.
Al said…
Hay nako...I'll take a break muna with floods ha! Masakit pa bewang ko sa kalilinis hahaha.

Hazel said…
Hi Al, wawa naman kayo dyan. Buti nalang lumayas si Pepeng. That's quite a relief seriously. And I'm glad to see your surroundings back to normal now.

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