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Capital Company and a Copycat

~ brought to you by Susanne ~

The highlights of my week centered around my birthday, which was the last in a series of birthday celebrations for August; my poodle's birthday excluded. The new month should come in less eventful if we can help it. But as usual, and thanks to Providence, a party or two continues. Meanwhile my faves for this week are --

1. Absentee voter registration. In two years and a decade of living overseas, I have never done anything like absentee voting. In fact I never got any chance to vote at all. There's a presidential election at home in 2010 and I decided it's about time I made my choice official no matter how dim things seem to be both politically and economically.

2. A good laugh and a friendly vice consul. At the Philippine embassy for my registration there was a little glitch. While waiting for the computer to get back to ready mode for processing e-signatures, a friend took me riding down memory lane, "Didn't that guy carry you at some point when you descended Mt. Kitanglad?

Wow! it would have been fun if it happened but all I could remember was while we did hike together nothing romantic ever came up. Still I was thrilled to be reminded of those happy college days. We laughed. I giggled and then laughed at myself for giggling. After the glitch was sorted, the vice consul made some friendly chat over a final look at my documents.

3. Capital company. I needed to see a doctor to justify a day off work. But with the notorious Bangkok traffic it was too much of a hassle really. As other options were considered, a realization suddenly hit. It's not like taking advantage. But sometimes coincidence just makes circumstances convenient. It isn't anyone's fault if you are treated to your birthday dinner by a friend who also happens to be a licensed medical doctor, is it? Later in a YM chat with another friend I told her about the dinner. She said she missed fine dining. It made me treasure what I sometimes take for granted. Not the friendship, but fine dining.

4. Arts and Culture Centre. It's been a plan that celebrations for my birthday would include a few hours of admiring art objects. I'm happy the plan materialized. M
ore importantly my five-year old was with me to begin learning how to appreciate art and culture. We had loads of fun.

BACC: Woman and Mother gallery

5. A copycat. We proceeded to Siam Paragon for snacks that we didn't have for awhile - fish (Atlantic cod) and chips. Then we met up with friends for ice cream. Cj did what I normally do to him when eating out to avoid messy fingers and shirt. This was not the usual divinely yummy and pricey ice cream, but the moment was priceless.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said…
What a great FFF. and the last photo is awesome. You sure can't beat having dinner with a doc. I so hope you vote :). Have a great Friday
Hazel said…
Hi Thom, I'm still full from that dinner :-) and voting is something I've been wanting to do.
Beth said…
Belated Happy Birthday, Hazel!

Buti nagregister ka no? Iba pa din kasi if we let our voices be heard, khit pa sabihin one vote lang un. :)

Wala kang MM? :)
Anya said…
Great and lovely words today Hazel
The last shot is so CUTE
It looks like the icecream was
Kari said…
Happy Belated Birthday.
Great Five for the week and picture is cute.
Lisa notes... said…
I love that "laughter" made the list. It is great, isn't it? Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Well, it's clear you've had a terrific birghday! And that photo with the ice cream.... gourmet not required! I liked your #2 moment -- sometimes these little things bring a lot of joy.
ellen b. said…
Happy Belated birthday. I'm an absentee voter too. Have a wonderful weekend. Love the ice cream shot...
Jerralea said…
I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday week! Sounds like you were able to enjoy several favorites.

I wonder how many others view absentee voting as a favorite?
Brenda said…
How handy to have a friend that is a doctor to help you out in those moments. I am familiar with Bangkok traffic and I can imagine what a hassle that would have been for you!

Sounds like a good week!
Susanne said…
A priceless moment indeed. That picture is so sweet. Happy Birthday to you. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful week!
Melli said…
Good for you getting registered to vote! You should voice your opinion - even if you are not there!

It looks like you and your little one had a great time that day!

Happy belated Birthday wishes to YOU - and thank you so much for my birthday wishes today! :)
Willow said…
Happy Birthday Hazel! I think the best fave was the ice cream shared with your son! I love that photo-
Hazel said…
Hi Beth, korek ang sinabi mo

Hi Anya, I like to think the ice cream was yummier than usual because of the little guy :-)

Hi Kari, thanks

Hi Lisa, is surely is

Hi nikki, indeed they do

Hi ellen, it does make things easy, doesn't it?

Hi Jerralea, I don't know; my favorite part there is getting a civil duty thing done

Hi Brenda, I'm glad there's someone who shares my Bangkok traffic woe

Hi Susanne, I did

Hi Melli, I am happy greeting a 'co'- August birthday celebrant :)

Hi Willow, you're right. i think the same way about the 5th fave

Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings!

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