Monday, 3 August 2009

Don't ask me

When I woke up this morning, my mind was again on the same thought I had right before I fell asleep last night. Mixed emotions. Being in love seems to be one of them, but NOT with a new person. I'm in love, yes. With a plan.

"I toss and turn
can't sleep at night
it's worrying me;
I go to bed turn out the light
but your face I see... I'm so in love with you"

These lines describe as perfectly as the rest of the lyrics are unrelated with the stuff in my mind. John Farnham sounds like he is crying singing, but it's probably just me. I like Please Don't Ask Me in a general sense, besides the part that matches my mood. And I guess there are others who can relate with the song in its entirety. Happy listening!

Jori and Diane are hosting Musical Monday. Head over to their sites to play along.


Genejosh said...

wala may speaker amo computer diri school sis unya nalang sa balay nako pamatian...

Naintriga lang ko asa ka nainlove?..he..he..mao man gud ako ra nabasa pag-open nako sa dashboard..he..he...

Have a nice day!

Hazel said...

in love with a concept, sis :-)

Diane said...

gosh what a sad song. i'm having a lot of those feelings myself right now.

Thom said...

This was a great song. I enjoyed it. Very thought provoking :) Aloha

Hazel said...

Hi Diane, I notice John Farnham sounds like he's crying

Joy said...

Stopping by to say hello on Musical Monday!

Hazel said...

Hi Thom, and sounds pleading for something lol... thanks for dropping by

jori-o said...

Aw, this is a sad song! But very pretty!

Anya said...

You are fast,
I just post a new post !!!
I was the last days not in the mood of blogging.
Its so hot here :(
33C gr. pffffff....
I was nice sunbathing in the pool :)
I have a beautiful brown color now ^__^
The " white milk bottle look"
is gone....(we call with legs so ;)LOL
Did your mothers cat really do that on your chair .... OMG
No Kareltje didn't do that :)
He is sweet (when he is sleeping)

amanda said...

This is very sad, so many people have had times like this in their life before.... great choice.

Pacey said...

Am so familiar with the song, good tune and lyrics. Hope to play this meme next time. Ayo-ayo diha. Fun post below this one. :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful concept. Music always has a soothing effect.

genejosh said...

How's your day? I have an award for youHERE. Hope you like it.

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