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Soapy Spell on a Name

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Often I answer "CJ, that's it," to the oft-repeated question, "What is your son's real name?"

Months before Cj was born, I got hooked on an American soap called the Bold and the Beautiful. I was not even a bored housewife. I was a gradschool student for heaven's sake. But I was completely carried by the whole diversion. I realized I was on the verge of addiction when at work I strode across the Academic Affairs Office to drop hints of my wish not to be given classes at the time B&B was aired.

If I was unable to watch an episode, I made sure the maid watched it so she could narrate what I missed when I came home. It was very uncharacteristic of me. I couldn't believe it, but the lifestyle I was in seemed conducive to soap-watching. The fact that our next-door neighbor was a local film actress who pampered Mozart, our firstborn (read: poodle), and a little further down the ville another neighbor was an action star, kinda an equivalent of Robin Padilla in the Philippines, didn't help. There were 6 TV sets for 3 people (me, ex-hubster and the maid) in that four-story townhouse we lived in. The whole situation was crazy.

On Saturdays, ex-hubster would play golf. I began disliking the job of accompanying him to the course. If I went with him I lingered in the country club lounge staring hopefully at the TV before proceeding to the green, and I hated Tiger Woods's face (ang pagmumukha ni Tiger Woods! lol). Finally, ex-hubster announced that if I didn't control my insanity over B&B he would join me in watching it. I was exhilarated silly. Little did I know what was cooking in his mind.

Nonchalantly he asked, "what's the name of that feisty woman's son?"

"Which one? Ah...Sally Spectra's son?" was my animated response, "oh, that's C.J. Garrison."

"Very well," he glanced at my swollen belly and declared, "I am naming our baby, 'C.J.'"

"Excuse me?! What kind of name is that?!" I bolted back to normalcy.

"Handsome, isn't he? and he's not as insane as everybody else in that God-forsaken soap. Besides, you named Mozart and I didn't complain, did I?"

"No way!" I protested.

"Yes way!" he affirmed who was the boss and promptly dozed back on his side of the bed.

Thus no matter how many A's I nailed in gradschool or how I deliberately dented the butt of ex-hubster's car in my bid to change his mind, my CJ

was officially named after this CJ
Mick Cain. Courtesy of Google Images.

not that I have objections to his looks :-)

The soapy spell over my little head broke. I swore on the grave of our pet fish that I would never watch soap again.

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chubskulit said…
Hahahahaha I love the Story behind CJ's name lol... Naobsessed ba naman sa soap opera lol..

Parang nung pinagbubuntis ko si EJ, I love watching mario Lopez because he is so handsome hahaha..
Hazel said…
LOL! walang kwenta talaga sis and trabaho ko while nagbubuntis. kaya hayon napasubo tuloy sa di ko inakala hahaha!
Tetcha said…
CJ's a nice name for a boy, and it's a lot easier to spell, too. There's a slight resemblance between your CJ and the original CJ; what say you?
Hazel said…
aha Tetch, now that will give me some consolation, LOL!
Beth said…
I love the story!!! Men have unique ways of telling us that we're going overboard in our addictions/diversions.

But CJ is a good name. Nkakatuwa lang kasi everytime someone asks his name, ang kasunod na question nun, what CJ stands for? :)
At least, pag binata na siya, me topic agad na pwedeng pag-usapan when he introduces himself to ladies, di ba?

Ang cute ng story! :)
Hazel said…
Beth, ay korek yan - tinatanong din ako if the two letters stood for something. I'm looking forward to the name trend by the time our kids are on their dating stage :-)
Den said…
CJ lang pala talaga. All along akala ko may meaning ang CJ. hehe

Mine's up na dinhere
Hazel said…
Den, kung minsan nga akalain ko na rin na may meaning pa ang CJ, lol!
Anonymous said…
What a way to name a child LOL. I love it :) But I would have picked one from All My Children LOL. Have a good one :)
sweet_shelo said…
Hi sis.. Funny how your son got named CJ. I enjoyed reading the story behind it.. Gwapo naman pala c CJ sis eh.. like the CJ he is named after..
Hazel said…
Yeah, Thom naming a child must be some business - denting a car, hating Tiger Woods's face and swearing out of a soap, LOL!
Hazel said…
Hi Shelo, sana nga nalang may pinagmanahan sya sa original na CJ kahit 1/4 lang, hahahahah.....
darly said…
Hmmm is CJ short of something?

well, i guess in a way your son will thank you one day din, he won't have to go through the trouble of writing long names... ahihihi

happy mommy moments, mine is up too.

me,myself and darly
darly said…
well, i guess in a way your son will thank you one day din, he won't have to go through the trouble of writing long names... ahihihi

happy mommy moments, mine is up too.

me,myself and darly
life's journey said…
Cute ang CJ saludo ako...Mine is up...
Anya said…
A good looking boy
is named after a
good looking boy ...... LOL
Your son is BEAUTIFUL Hazel :)
elapot said…
CJ lang talaga? but where it came from is really interesting. aliw ang story ha.

mine's up: what's in a name?
Chris said…
cool post! :D
Hazel said…
@Jedaiah, like all in a watch and poof!

@Darly, that's certain

@life's journey, and short

Thanks Anya :)

@elapot, wala na talagang karugtong kahit anong gawin natin lol

@Chris, :D

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