Monday, 17 August 2009

MCQ: Crazy is right

1. Last Tuesday which was good Friday we came to tell you something we know nothing about. You were asked to pull up a chair and sit on the floor. What do you make of this?
  • Since you don't know anything, sit back and relax. I'll take it from sitting on the chair, not the floor.

2. The answer is YES...what is the question?

  • Will you claim your $10B win?

3. The cops are banging on your door late at night. What are you thinking they are there for?

  • They probably want me for murder. The hottest star in the world asked for my hand in marriage and I refused. He committed a successful suicide.

4. Children learn what they they say.. what would a child learn in your household??

  • He will have guidance but he is responsible for the choices he makes

5. Tell us about 1 family ritual your family does every year.

  • Sermon on the Mt. of Blessings (read: telling off on moral uprightness) on New Year's eve, and compulsory beach party attendance on New Year's day

6. What is the favorite food that you would eat everyday 3 times a day if you could?

  • cashew nuts and raisins

7. Tell us about your fantasy.

  • I live in a splendid castle in the quaint english countryside

8. You are stranded on a deserted Island. You have plenty of food, a person to keep you company, shelter and life seems stress free. what do you tell the rescue ship when it arrives.??

  • Come back on the next full moon

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I am Harriet said...

I'm a nut freak myself :)

Have a great week.

genejosh said...

He..he..gipakatawa ko nimo sis sa No.3...Successful suicide jud na unsaon mapreso ka ana sis?..LOL!

got a tag for you sis:

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Tasty Exploration

Thom said...

I really like your number 8. Very romantic. LOL. #3 I just bust out laughing :) Aloha :) And have a great Monday :)

Indrani said...

Such funny and intelligent answers. :)
Good read.

Anya said...

You make me smile
you have so funny answers ...

Lani said...

yep...I agree with #2 :-)
Thanks for playing!!! Nice to see you!

Lani said...

I poseted an reply I thought but don't see it :-(

Closed eyes... said...

Amazing replies! :)