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What to say...

~ brought to you by Jori and Diane ~

It's not necessarily the lyrics but the rhythm that had me singing along with this Ric Segreto song since yesterday. The part that moved me in a way that I enjoyed very much is the syncophation after 'what to say...' I sang and swayed to this music repeatedly yesterday which annoyed my five-year old. He went, "Mommy! stop stop stop!" and tried to cover my mouth. I teased him and continued singing along, "Baby Pooh, what what what?!... to sayyyyy....."


Joops said…
hahaha your son sounds like my daughter when she don't want to hear us singing, she'll beg for us to stop lol..
Hazel said…
I still don't know why or what is it with kids not wanting to hear their parents sing, lol! actually I am the same way as my son with my mother when I was a kid.
Lorielle said…
LOL I didn't want to hear my mom sing because she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. :) My dad's a good singer, though. I inherited my musical ability from him. Nice song!
Anonymous said…
Ummm can I agree with CJ LOL This is one of those that you have to be in the mood to hear...or at least getting your hips and ass to move in the same direction LOL.
Anya said…
Your song today is great,
even Kareltje likes it ,
he is now not running away ..... LOL
Have a nice day :)
Amy said…
I am still lucky my little one does not mind it when I sing to her. I know I do not sound that great either. Happy MOnday....
Hazel said…
Lorielle, my mom could carry a tune but there were times i still didn't want her to sing =)

Thom, so nobody takes my side now bohohoho... LOL!

Anya, oh thank God Kareltje didn't run away today =)

Amy, your little one maybe just wont mind unlike mine, and you can sing all you want =)
Anonymous said…
Annoying the children is one of the highlights of parenting.
Run DMT said…
I hadn't heard this song before. So sorry that your little one ruined the moment for you. Too cute! Happy MM!
Hazel said…
Mejis, that's the cutest idea I've heard today, lol!
Hazel said…
Run, I think it was more like I ruined my kid's morning with my horrible voice, lol! I had fun though he didn't :( ... :)
My kids like to stop me from singing too -- unfortunately for them it just makes me sing louder! LOL

Happy MM!
Hazel said…
Karen, sometimes it is just fun to tease or annoy our children, isn't it? LOL! given rarely in small doses, I guess it doesn't harm.
Diane said…
aaww you guys!! my kids love it when i sing! lol

great song!
Hazel said…
oh lucky you Diane! lol!

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