Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's Raining Awards!

There was this warm-up game in an obligatory workshop I once had to attend years ago. It asked attendees to use an adjective which begins with the same letter as the first letter of their name to introduce themselves. As I wasn't exactly in the mood for a workshop that was scheduled on a Friday afternoon, I said I was Hazy Haze. They didn't approve it. "Heavenly Hazel then," I was itching to leave for the weekend. Today though I am Happy Hazel :-) Who wouldn't be cheerful with all these therapeutic blogging and the awards that come pouring in? Look at these!

Thom of Thom's Place for Well Whatever gave me these Triple Awards. Thank you, Thom.

Chris of The Mommy Journey gave me this Spread The Love award. Thank you, Chris.

Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts gave me this Your Blog make us Smile award. Thank you, Tetcha.

Genebei of Her and History gave me these Perky Blogger and Kreativ Blogger awards. Thank you, Genebei.

The Kreativ Blogger award requires you to say 7 things about yourself. I'll try:

1. I used to be a bookworm. Now virtually the only thing I read is Harry Potter.

2. I haven't played the piano since I threw a vocalist off-key for 1 second during a concert. I have this urge to wreak havoc again *wink*

3. I am an only child, and my very first boyfriend was also an only child.

4. I'm a mom of two boys: biological CJ and canine Mozart *hugs*

5. When driving in the suburbs, sometimes my taste for danger comes out: I love to overtake a succession of three to five lorries. (I can hear you saying loca, gaga but I lived to tell the tale, didn't I? LMAO)

6. Had I known earlier the wonders of blogging, I would have started it long time ago.

7. My first job abroad was part advertising and part handling of international communications for an export company.

Now I'm passing on these Spread the Love, Your Blog Makes Us Smile, Perky Blogger and Kreativ Blogger awards to:

Harriet of
I am Harriet

Indrani of

And this Creative Mom Blogger award is again from Genebei. Thank you, Genebei.


Chris said...

congrats on the awards! :D

jori-o said...

Thanks for the shout-out! What a great way to start my morning! =)

Diane said...

congrats to you - you deserve them all and many more!

and THANK you so much!!

p.s. i had to look up "lorries" lol!!!

Anya said...

Its raining awards ..... OMG
So many :)
Thanks Hazel
that you give it to us.
i think I make a new background only with awards ......... LOL

I forgot
GRATULATIONS on all your Awards :))
You deserve it all !!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aren't awards awesome? They totally make blogging more fun than it already is. Congratulations!

Thom said...

WOOT...Congrats on all the awards and thank you very much. I will get to it soon. Well deserved my friend :) Aloha

genejosh said...

u deserve them all sis and marami pang awards na ibibigay ko sa yo...he..he...sis kelan ang next concert mo? 1 second lang naman yong na-off key yong vocalist, sige na balik ka na sa pagpapapiano..I'm dreaming to know how to play the piano ...kontento na akong may nakilalang pianist, thanks to you...he..he...

Pareho tayo sis if only I knew blogging before..naku I remember yong first year ako dito so bored na ako sa kakasurf sa internet and if I deiscovered blogging long time ago, i dunno asan ako ngayon...baka di pa nag-asawa kasi naaddict sa blogging..LOL! joke lang noh di ko ipagpalit family ko...

Have a nice day sis..alam mo sis I'm absent today, I have konting fever, sore throat dala siguro ng regla ko...

Happy weekend!

Rajesh said...

Fantastic. It is definitely raining and you richly deserve them.