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Mistaken Identity

A message in my Outlook inbox on Friday directed Business Administration instructors to supervise classes in the stadium. I thought it was just like having to watch state-run television to record credits for members of the cheerleading squad. We did it several times in the past. But this week's activity turned out a bit different. At least to me.

As I walked out the faculty office door, someone hollered, "it's a 3-hour pageant!"

"Yeah, like how much coursework is going to be wasted on this non-cur."

Without anything I could do I idly took a snap of Snow White ----

... admired Goldilocks' curvaceous body, half expecting Little Red Riding Hood next...

Where could my students be... these are all normal school pageant girls, we should all be worrying about swine flu...

"These contestants should wear masks. After all walking around Bangkok wearing a mask is now considered fashion."

I must be going senile if I could no longer recognize my own students .

--- Vanity Fair opening melody She walks in beauty like the night played in my mind when this one approached the makeshift stage --- (I cut her foot, please ignore it)

I was now seriously wondering where the heck were my students particularly one that was missing. They were nowhere in the stadium, nor were they among the staff running this cute, boring school play, as I called it.

"There must be a mistake in that Outlook. I don't have a single student here to supervise," I muttered quietly but still having fun watching the rest of these girls.

By the time these three stood on stage, I was ready to go back to the office. The next day I asked, "who won yesterday?" But more importantly "what's the use of hanging out in the stadium if I couldn't see my students there? Student 521-0023 was also missing."

I call them by their ID number when I could not remember their names or faces

"He's the one wearing white and he's the only one you needed to supervise," came the reply.

"Well, all my boys were wearing white yesterday, weren't they?"

"No, I meant white, as in white gown."

"That was 521-0023?!"

"Yes, pretty wasn't he? He didn't get the crown but he was a finalist. And btw, neither were the rest of them what you thought them to be."


Anonymous said… funny. But they sure do look good I will admit. Must have been the surprise of your life :) Aloha
Arlene said…
zel, before ko naka read sa imong post the first thing in my mind seeing the first photo was rustom padilla. then reading your post, then setting aside the bodily curves - their facial outlines really says they are chuvanessness. :)

ka nice sa inyong school you have like programs like this. :)

sorry it took time to upload this page. makita lagi ni sa tanan.

happy Sunday!
Ebie said…
Hi Hazel, I had to look at the first pic twice. Nah... couldn't be. But, they pretty well undetected! Well done!
Kero said…
aaaaw so pretty Hazel! first look and he'll get you thinking he's like a blushing bride hihi

I posted my first OWM here
Hazel said…
Hi Thom, old maid me was clueless for awhile, lol!

Lene, don't remind me of Rustom...I'm soooo in love with his (or her?) killer of a brother!

Ate Eb, mao... with bodies a lot curvier than my hollow block frame hahahah...

Kero, darn gay could indeed be mistaken for a blushing bride lmao!
Indrani said…
It took me some time to believe it all.
AL said…
Oh yeah. . .I figured that out, at a glance! And how nice of them to do much effort for that. Okay I don't need to say more, I might say something funny.

I would just like to thank you for visiting my blog, did you enjoy it?

Bonnie Bonsai said…
oh dear oh dear.... got to love your bring miss little sunshine into the scene!
Hazel said…
Hi Indrani, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Al, Arlene did too, and I gave the whole thing away already from the title, although I must say I still have to really verify contestant no. 2's sexuality; still couldn't conclude he is male against the very woman-like body :-)

Hi Bonnie Bonsai, i had nothing else to do on a Sunday morning :-) thanks for being a cheer yourself.
Willa's OWM#5 said…
Like Arlene, I thought the person on the first photo is Bb. Gandang Hari, and yes, as I was reading your post,I already have a hint.but they are all pretty indeed!!
Pacey said…
No mistaking, they are really curvaceous and lovely lady-guys, hahahah...funny post and I'm loving the funny side of you too hazel. Have a great week.
Shey said…
hahaha LOL! This is a very funny post. Loved it! They all look so pretty, it's hard to distinguish them as a "HE". You told the story well too. Thanks for the laughs. :)
Hazel said…
Hi Willa, BB Gandanghari nga ba? Lol!...

Hi Pacey, I didn't know what shot into my head on a quiet Sunday morning, but I'm glad you saw the humor :-)

Hi Shey, I think the same way especially with contestant no. 2 Lol!

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