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Mommy Moments: Shades

Thanks to Pinaymama for the badge

This week's Mommy Moments theme had me musing, "it's I who's gotta wear shades." After all it's my moment. So here we go:

At first I didn't believe it, but during the wake for HRH Princess Galyani I started to think it must be true that my boss has friends in high places. How else did he secure an hour at the Grand Palace for his company? The thought of joining my colleagues to pay our last respects to a Thai royal thrilled me. While millions of Thais watched from their TVs or glanced hopefully from outside palace walls, we enjoyed observing rites in the throne hall itself where the King's sister lay in state.

Kids were actually allowed inside, the child-friendly society that Thailand is. My mother instinct really wanted to take Cj along. But his Dad decided the place was too adult and somber for him. Besides, we couldn't risk the possibility of a young child behaving in a way that might not be considered appropriate around such occasion.

Alright this is a little deviation from what I just emphasized earlier: a mom's gotta include her kiddo so in comes little Cj playing along our theme wearing his precocious shady expression. The pair I'm using here is not even mine. I borrowed it from my mother; just like I borrow her slippers, blouse, lingerie and sometimes even money when I'm in PI, ops.... (thanks, Ma for always putting up with me) But she can't blame me. These are the same shades I borrowed and wore when we sent Papa off to the memorial park. Loads of emotions in those plastic lens. *sigh*

And when the sun is shining brightly over low temperature, a girl's gotta wear shades while trying not to freeze or she can't return to her kiddo sporting her lovey-dovey mommy poise.

More at The Mommy Journey.


onlinemommy said…
I love the last photo.
Thanks for sharing.
Beth said…
I was about to post my pics in shades kaya lang na-post ko na dati. Bka post ko pag me time pa.

I love the first pic. The shades so suit you! You look like a celebrity! :) Good to know din you "jammed" with high societies of Thai. Bigatin si Bosing! :)
nice pictures and you are one pretty mama! :)
Tetcha said…
Must be nostalgic wearing those shades in the first photo. I love the mommy and son shot, too. Here's mine:
kamz said…
you look so cool in your shades mommy! para kayong women version ng MIB! LOL!

btw, will you join me for Tuesday Couch Potato? hope to see you next week!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Parang hollywood ang dating ni mommy ah hehehe... Thanks for sharing sis..
Hazel said…
@onlinemommy and Willa, thanks

Hi Beth, bigatin nga siguro si Bosing. nakapagshades tuloy ako hahahah! thanks for your input. i'm glad to hear that coming from you. wala kasi akong ka research-research sa mga shades na yan. if there's any pair available and if there's a need i go ahead wear them, lol!

hi kikamz, female version ng MIB grabe ha...LOL

hi Tetcha, we all had to behave ourselves in the palace, lol!
Pinay Mommy said…
Wow! You have been to many places. Sana ako din. ^_^
Yami said…
I also like the Mommy-and-son- wearing-shade photo. Presko rin kasi beach ang background. :-)
sweet_shelo said…
wow, you look grand on those shades sis.. Nice photos and your kid's expression is cutie cutie...

By the way, can we exchange links sis? Let me know if okay. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this great story. I love the second to the last picture. It's awesome :) Aloha my friend :)
nuts said…
i love the mom-son photo.. cool!!
got to believe said…
love the shades on the first pic. wish i can carry wearing something like that, too. celebrity-looking.
elapot said…
uy mukha kasng celebrity s a1st photo ha! ;)

i like the pic with mom and kid too :)
genejosh said…
wow sis ha, you're very lucky , you're one of the "bigatins" biruin mo you're "THERE"!

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History
Tasty Exploration
admin said…
i love your pictures especially the one with your baby and the last one...

Chris said…
nice photos.. :D
jeng said…
One cool kiddo and one hot mama ; )
Anya said…
I love your shots,
Special from the beach :))))))Have a great sunday !!!
all4seasons said…
hi, thanks for visiting my blog. have a great week ahead :)

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