Friday, 21 August 2009

Mommy Moments: Rain

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I love rain. I'm just not sure how Cj feels about it. Everytime it rains I see no indication whether he likes or hates it. He seems to be just observing subtly how I react to water dropping merrily down from heaven :-). One early evening weeks ago, Cj and I got drenched in a downpour while riding, of all vehicles, a moped, lol! (Ex-hubster is going to kill me if he finds this out, lmao) The best part should have been a photo-op. But since we didn't have a capture of that rainy-drenchy moment, I'm posting a photo of Cj from a slightly different rain experience. It poured that morning but when we came out of the auditorium the sun was shining. Still there were signs that it would rain anytime. I introduced him to an umbrella. True to my guess, he twirled the poor thing:

Another chance of experiencing rain was in May this year when we went to the province for a relaxing weekend with friends. We hiked up the picnic area on the hilly part of this national park. It rained cats and dogs while we ate lunch. Right after mango dessert, I decided to do something I have always wanted to do when I was Cj's age: bathe in the rain! I stood awed on the lawn feeling raindrops on my skin. Finally I was able to experience what was forbidden when I was a kid. I wouldn't have minded if Cj joined me. Curiously he just watched. Different generation, different behavior towards the same phenomenon.

The storm calmed and we descended the hill accompanied by a drizzle. It was fun fun fun!

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kikamz said...

love your story sis! hehehe! inggit ako kasi naligo ka sa ulan! it is indeed an awesome experience, to just let the rain pour down on you. it is symbolic of a lot of things too.

Thom said...

I love the rain as well, to a certain extent. I mean I don't like it raining all the time. But it so cleanses everything and make thinigs so fresh it seems. Love the pictures. I can just picture CJ with the umbrella. Excellent my friend :)

Anya said...

Lovely story Hazel,
send us the rain we need it now :)
Its sooooooooo Hot weather here :(

Hazel said...

Hi Kikamz, I never regretted bathing in the rain lol... it was fun.

Hi Thom, the fresh part of everything after a rain is one of my favorites :-)

Hi Anya, I hope it pours in The Netherlands soon!

Happy Thoughts said...

Di ba it was really fun to take a bath in the rain.
Z also did it!

Happy Thoughts

Meikah said...

Cj looks cute with his umbrella that matches with his shirt. Happy MM! :)

chubskulit said...

Hahahaha I could see you giggling and laughing out in the rain sis lol... Ang saya naman.. I remeber nung bata pa kami ng mga sibs ko everytime it would rain lagi kaming naliligo..

great entry sis!

Hazel said...

Hi Happy Thoughts, it was indeed :-)

Hi Meikah, I used that umbrella for excatly the reason that it matched his shirt :-)

Hi Chubs, buti pa kayo. ako pinagbawalan talaga. e ngayon na ako na ang nanay hala ligo! lol

life's journey said...

Oh he looks great and I know you enjoy bathing in the rain with friends...Happy MM! My entry din ako.

Chris said...

you enjoyed the rain! :D thanks for your great post, as always.. :)

Hazel said...

Hi life's journey, i did :)

Hi Chris, finally, yeah. kung hindi tumanda... lol!

jeng said...

One of my happiest memories as a child was rushing out when the rain pours and playing and splashing in puddles of rain water ; )

onlinemommy said...

It took you so many years before you experience the dazzling rain in your skin ;) but good that you also experience it.

God Bless!

Hazel said...

hi jeng, lucky you!

hi onlinemommy, it was :)

genejosh said...

sis marami siguro yang payong c CJ to match with his shirt..he..he...

I love getting wet under the rain..sarap kaya magpakabata uli..You seemed to enjoy your "rain bath" with your friends there..Itry ko kaya dito?..LOL!

I have a tag for you sis..:)

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Tetcha said...

You really had a fun time bathing in the rain. That's one thing my son hasn't experienced yet and probably will never have until he's already have a mind of his own. All we have here in the Philippines is acid rain. He might get sick bathing in it.