Saturday, 31 October 2009

He died of what?

A college dormmate described how a bunch of faculty kids discovered and helped an ownerless, injured cat. It died. The kids had no clue how was the cat injured. As human nature would always long for at least some closure to a rather sad experience, they speculated on what happened to the poor feline. One little boy, his eyes round as marbles, comforted himself and others with him by suggesting, "the cat...he... he died of a broken heart."

I am guessing that kid must have been listening to this song:

~ More at Amy's Signs, Miracles, and Wonders ~


Debbie said...

Beautiful song and words Hazel. I'm so thankful that Jesus loves you and me. Happy TSMSS to you.


Lisa notes... said...

"He died of a broken heart." Wow - for you and me. Nice song. Thanks for sharing.

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow - I haven't heard this song in years! I love it. Thanks for sharing and for the memories!

Mary said...

Beautiful song and images of our precious Lord, and such a touching story of the little boy and the cat. My heart has been broken many times over the years, but today, nothing breaks my heart more than those that do not know my Jesus and His loving sacrifice...we are truly blessed to know Him as Savior.


Cathy said...

That was beautiful, thanks so much for sharing it. And I'm glad I took in my yellow wildcat, Honey, who loves me now.

Anya said...

Sad words today :(
But its the true I think ;)
Have a wonderful weekend

Anya :)

Thom said...

Wonderful my friend :) I love this :)