Sunday, 25 October 2009

A new haunt

About six weekends ago I took Cj and myself to an art and culture centre right in the heart of Bangkok. It was basically to introduce the little guy to his country's (one of many) showcases of arts and culture, both local and international.

Mid-section of the entire building seen from all floors: it's where visitors find info on arts and cultural shows, announcements or schedules of opera, ballet, concerts, lectures, fashion, international artists presentations, film festivals

Black and white photos of the Thai monarchs' travels abroad as well as of visits to Thailand by other heads of states

Thai jewelry from the olden times

*sigh* I'm no photographer; can't get rid of the flash. Anyhow, if you noticed the reflection, they're of edifices around the area of Thailand's top university, Chulalongkorn

Masks. Kindly bear with the orb.

Cj's fave: the revolving three-headed elephant

These are a few of what we have seen. The place is 25,000 sq. m. and has 2 basements and 11 stories. We've only just begun exploring, and I'm sooo loving it already. Those replicas of strange but beautiful architecture from around the world are a visual feast. And I haven't hung out yet in the library (heaven!).

We haven't been to the galleries on the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th floors. The first time we visited there was a violin concert on the 7th floor; but Cj wanted to spend time on the Woman & Mother gallery (this kid's got some fixation on boobs). And guess what's the best thing about all these -- except for the shops, restaurants and cafes, everything else is free.

~Our Weekend Memoirs is brought to you by Ebie and Arlene~


Bonnie Bonsai said...

Thai is one of those colourful cultures in Asia!

Beautiful captures and I think there is something in the camera setting that we both need to work on.

am just being impatient... with mine.

Willa said...

A trip to museum is always fun and I wish all kids have all the chance to do so. The museum you visited is so beautiful!

MsRay said...

Beautiful! I am reminded of my trip to Thailand several years ago.

Ebie said...

This is one huge building! I would concentrate in everything that glitter! My weakness, the gold jewelries!

Indrani said...

I could not see this place, I am glad I got glimpses here in your blog. Bangkok is a beautiful city. If luck permits I will visit Thailand again. :)

Joops said...

I love the three headed elephant and the masks!

ryliej said...

Wow what a great experience for you and CJ sis...

Thom said...

Those are just stunning photos and what a place to visit. A fixation on boobs..too funny :)

Hazel said...

Wahahaha Thom, you notice everything. I knew you would LOL!

Anya said...

Its amazing Hazel
I wish I could see it with my on eyes !!!
To far for visiting a museum ;)

Chris said...

wow, nice post.. love it! wish to see and travel there someday!

Arlene said...

Am interested of the jewelries. they don't look ancient. hehehe

Been to a museum last Sunday too and it's a nice thing to know more the roots of a place.

My entry is some of the photos i took in the summit, zel!

P Tuesday!

sleigh beds said...

All photos are very nice and i like most the Three headed Elephant.

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A trip to museum is always fun and I wish all kids have all the chance to do so. I love all these things. The museum you visited is very beautiful.