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News and food from home

I enjoyed my week and I'm very pleased at how it turned out. These are my faves:

1. Black and White Art Exposition. I didn't know DK Booktown, one of my city haunts had moved to a new location. When I went there I discovered that an art gallery now stands on the huge chunk of space where the bookstore once was. I love this replacement. The collection is something I want to go back to - another reason to keep free time beautifully occupied.

2. Office chores done. I finished encoding data on Thursday! It's all ready for submission next week - which means I'm entitled to a carefree weekend :-)

3. Good news from home. Mama has been discharged from the hospital. She sends me SMS texts these past few days, is her conversationally lively self again, and I'm happy about that. She mused over something that made me smile: Dr G (our family physician) asked about Cj and if we were coming home anytime soon. My mind travelled back to those moments with Dr G's son... those good, old magical days of puppy love and first lessons in romantic relationships.

4. It's Friday. I'm a TGIF sort of girl. I appreciate anything that ushers in relaxation and respite from hard work.

5. Food from home.
This is my fave fave this week. About a month ago I issued an invitation letter for a friend's cousin who needed a host's contact details to supply at the immigration in Manila. I don't know the guy; never saw him before but I lent my personal info to him in the name of my friendship with his cousin. The favor is no big deal to me. What are friends for anyway? I immediately forgot it but didn't realize he thought I would be glad to have something from home. And he's soo right. While I still didn't really expect him to bring me anything, I'm quite delighted at these familiar goodies he brought me. I had a fabulous dinner while visiting other blogs last night.

~ FFF is brought to you by Susanne of Living to Tell the Story ~


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful FFF. Especially tour mom and the food from home. WOOT Great week my friend. Have a great weekend :)
Lisa notes... said…
Glad you have a carefree weekend coming up. And good news that your mom is no longer in the hospital. I'm sure she is thrilled about that. Enjoy your off-time!
Susanne said…
What a sweet thing #5 was. So what kinds of goodies did you get?

So glad your mom is doing well and starting to sound herself.
Melli said…
I love stumbling upon a new art place! Of course, I like my book shops too! I'm not sure which I would prefer more... probably art though since these days I buy MOST of my books from Amazon! My really favorite though is going into town and finding a street arts festival that I didn't KNOW was going on! Then I'm lost to the world for a whole day!

Ohhhhh how NICE for your Mom! I'm sure you're ALL happy to have her out of the hospital!

Nice to get that yummy food from home too! That was very sweet of him!
What a great week my friend. Have nice weekend enjoy it.
Islandsparrow said…
Glad to hear that your mom is doing better.

It's a good feeling to have your work all caught up and some relaxation to look forward to. Hope you are able to put your feet up and enjoy!
nikkipolani said…
Oh, excellent news from your mom! And congratulations on earning your carefree weekend -- full of new and fun discoveries, I hope :-)

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