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The Tickle Fairy

What a week this has been. Something urgent came up at work, back home Mama is sick; and in the wake of Ketsana in the Philippine capital plus its threat to wreak further havoc in northeast Thailand and our neighbors Vietnam and Indonesia, I was wondering what kind of positive report could I turn up with. The one admirable function of FFF is the motivation for participants to find the good out of not-so-good situations when they happen. So find them I did, and they make up my faves this week:

1. Caring family and friend. Being an only child has a few disadvatages. I am away from home and two days ago Mama had an asthma attack. The only immediate family members that she has at home are our two dogs and a cat. So who would have taken her to the doctor but a great-niece of hers and a close friend who were not just around, but also caring enough to help her. In the course of our phone conversation yesterday, (they were all inside Mama's hospital room) they laughed over something I said. It made me feel so much better and told me Ma would be fine. My head-splitting worry gone!

2. Golf umbrella. It's huge, it's heavy and since my divorce it has stood idle in a corner, but it proved very useful this week as I walk to work in the unceasing downpour brought on by Ketsana.

3. Going down to DK Booktown and Asia Books. It's not for leisure reading which is one my of all-time favorite pasttimes. It's an errand to search for a reference text then arrange a mass order. But the thought of being in the midst of books sent me hurrying out even through the heavy rain. I had the best time browsing new titles and blowing mental kisses to old pals in the world classics section. It was fun fun fun and highly therapeutic.

4. A small step but I did it! After procrastinating and harboring thoughts that it's not possible because of major hurdles, I finally told myself off, "what the heck; if you didn't try then you'd never know whether you can or not." So last night I timidly but finally began entrance application process at a UK university. I know it's a long shot but seeing my reference number, a signal that I could now start working for step 2 requirements, was both encouraging and exciting.

5. The Tickle Fairy. It's a strategy I tried on my 5-year old's display of typical misbehavior. I am very pleased that he laughed his way to obedience as I can't be upset while I need the rest of my energy to assemble ideas for a dissertation proposal.

~ FFF is brought to you by Susanne. Click her name for more faves ~


Anonymous said…
You always find such positive things to talk about. It's so refreshing. I'm glad your mom as people there that will take care of her for you. Funny what a little laugh can do for you. Congrats on the starting at the UK University. That's great and good for you. Thank goodness for the Tickle Fairy...clever. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend :) Aloha
Islandsparrow said…
Caring friends and family are the best. It must be such a relief to you to know that your mom is cared for.

I find browsing in a bookshop totally therapeutic too. A little expensive but definitely soothing :)

Good strategy with your boy - and congrats on starting the process of applying to UK uni - that's 90% of the battle - getting started.

Have a great weekend!

Susanne said…
I am so pleased you dug deep to find good things from your week. That is exactly what I love about FFF and has become an unexpected blessing from doing it.

I love your creative thinking in the "tickle fairy" approach! Wonder if it would work with my 14 year old? LOL. If anything it would shock her! LOL.

Good luck on your application! That is exciting!
Susanne said…
Oh and I forgot to say I am so glad your mom is doing well and there were people there for her when she needed it!
Anonymous said…
Glad that you are surviving Ketsana and that your dear mother is doing better. I can't imagine distance-worrying -- I'm sure it's very stressful. So good that you had some therapeutic book time.
Lisa notes... said…
My m-i-l is an only child, and I've seen her take on far more than her fair share of caring for parents. I pray for other friends and relatives to help you out when the time comes for it.

Hope all goes well with your application - good for you in taking that step!
Jewel said…
This is my second stop on your blog and I love it! I think I'll be a regular. :)
Your son is beautiful, and I have always loved the name Cj.
I pray you well during the next sweep of Ketsana. I have many friends in the Philippines and I'm keeping myself updated on the happenings of this storm!
Brenda said…
Glad to hear that your mother is doing better. And good for you for applying to a university!

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