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Oh crap, she's up!

Flunking students, no matter how few, is a not so pleasant, but sometimes necessary part of my job. I got through it this week looking out for things I can summarize for Friday's Fave Five and I'm glad that there always are:

1. The maya(s) came back! and this time it had a companion. They flew away quickly but left a feathery promise they they'll come back again, and they did. It looks like I'm going to have regular visitors who prefer jasmine rice over pumpkin seeds. I'm happy to oblige.

2. Pre-meeting breakfast and post-meeting lunch. The complete menu went online 19 hours ahead. It's varied and delicious. The accompanying conversation at the actual feast was kept to a professionally nonchalant level. No insane politicking. No obnoxious surprises. We breathed normally and didn't have to worry about indigestion.

3. Exploring our new office. Building 18 is not quite finished yet, but since our department had to move in before the second term commences, we had a once-over. Not bad. It was fun briefly watching engineers at work. The construction men were courteous.

4. Little gifts. They're from colleagues who are back from their holidays abroad and they're accumulating in my drawer. There's a dainty letter opener from Seoul, a charming pencil from Myanmar, a chocolate candy from Brussels, a bottle opener from Singapore, and a teddy key holder from China.

5. E-mailed advice. I seldom hear from this former college roommate who's now in LA, but when she lets me know she's still kicking, she sends me nice messages, and I was amused by this Sisters' Day advice:

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, "oh crap, she's up!"

~ Visit Susanne of Living to Tell the Story for more faves ~


Thom said…
LOL...that advice is just too funny. I love it. What a wonderful week you had. Have a wonderful Friday my friend. xoxoxo
Tetcha said…
I love that advice! I love to be that kind of a woman too. Have a great weekend!
Melli said…
Oh well! ME THREE! I LOVE that advice! I so pray I am THAT kind of woman!

YAY for the mayas! I hope you can get pictures of them! Surely jasmine rice is easier to come by than the pumpkins seeds... how'd you get so lucky? LOL!

Sounds like that meeting just went waaaaaaay to smoothly! Forget luck - you're BLESSED!

Enjoy the gifts... 'specially the Belgian chocolate!
Barbara H. said…
I'd love to see the mayas. So glad they're back!

Your meetings sounded refreshingly and unusually nice.

Thoughtful gifts are so neat. The chocolate especially sounds good!
Susanne said…
Love that advice!

Glad your meetings went well. And your little gifts from colleagues are sweet. Nice to know one is thought of by others when they are away.
Jerralea said…
It's great that you work in such a congenial atmosphere - new building, thoughtful co-workers, even good food.

Thanks for commenting on my blog - I definitely have a problem with procrastinating, too. So many times, I've missed out on bargains because I waited too long ...
Lisa notes... said…
I would love to see a maya. How interesting to get little gifts from all over the world. I can't even imagine that. Love the Sisters' Day advice.
Carrie said…
;D LOVE the last quote. That's the kinda lady I wanna be!
nikkipolani said…
Boy, you had me wondering about the title of your post, but it was worth it reaching the end of your lovely fives this week. Congratulations on avoiding the politicking. Isn't that such a relief?
Brenda said…
That little saying at the end is just too funny! I agree, its fun to have little gifts from others from their travels. Sounds like a good week.
Pacey said…
Oh well, flunking students? I can relate eh...lami gud dili ihagbong but if it calls then I do, without guilt, hahahah...rude ra ko? And I can be that woman on your friend's advice. Bitaw, funny!
Willow said…
I'm loving that advice! What a sweet tradition the mayas are going to turn into. You'll report on them every week and they'll become internationally famous! Love the farewell feather.
Julia said…
I love that Sisterly advice! I've heard it before and its one of my favs. :)
Anya said…
Hi Hazel
You have always a wonderful week ;)
Its a great advice !!!!
I have missing all your lovely posts .....
sleigh beds said…
I think you enjoyed it a lot your weekend.

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