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Hard Rock Bangkok

Last night was the second time I attended an alumni meet because a few friends were there. They're the only reason I show up. If they're not around, I stay home and go cyber. The first time was also my first time to realize that I have been gone from the hilltop (our fond name for alma mater dear) for quite awhile. People were seated according to batches of five years, and oh-oh... I no longer belong to the pediatrics. The nursing home draweth nigh, *pita*

Classes of 1990 - 1995 (Read: oi! hindi pa kami laos lol!)

pattern is forming. Last night I repeated what I did with schoolmates after the meet: proceed to Hard Rock. The place looked brighter, and a friendly server dropped by our table to make small talk that left me both smiling and furrowing my brow.

She pointed at my neck cheerily, and asked ....

"Sorry?," I hollered thru the blare of Guns N Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine.

"Your necklace," she bellowed, "torquoise?"

This time I heard her, "ah yes, solid. All of it."

She swayed her hips to the next table. I got ready for another puff while two love birds near my butt were feeling the moment.

A concoction of Jack Daniels, vodka, lime, and I forgot the rest replaced my pomegranate martini from the previous post-meeting night out

I didn't know HR staff do this. I must have been boringly cocooned for too long

We danced in front of the band a few minutes before calling it a night. Or morning. An hour or two had probably passed after the clock struck 12

Doing Hard Rock once or twice a year is just perfect. Til the next alumni meet....

~ OWM is brought to you by Ebie and Arlene ~


Anonymous said…
Boy I haven't been out to the Hard Rock in a long time. I'd be lost LOL. Looks like you had a real fun time and danced the night away...well at least until the stroke of midnight Cinderella LOL. Have a great Sunday :) Aloha
AL said…
Haha...sounds like hardcore fun you got! Thank you for dropping by my that we are getting ourselves dry...hmmm time for some nite out! I have missed it!
Hazel said…
Thom, drop in there once in awhile :-) and yeah Cinderalla's got to be home before midnite lol!

Al, I wish you'll find the time soon to chill after Ondoy.
Jade Nguyen said…
I see you had fun time. That's what all people need. Fun!Fun!
Arlene said…
ohhh beautiful ladies! that reallly made me proud to be a product of the hilltop coz ladies never grow old. I wonder why chette is not in that batch photo. :)

nice weekend get away, zel! thanks for joining us this week.

Hazel said…
She wasn't very far, len; just wasn't sitting with us when the camera clicked.
Willa said…
sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend.
Anya said…
I am missing my hard rock years
On the pictures it looks like you had a GREAT time ^____^

and loved also hard rock :))
chubskulit said…
Wow sis, honetly ikaw ata pinakabata sa kanilang lahat hehehe... Ganda nitong meme, can I join?

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luna miranda said…
it's been a while since i've been to Hard Rock Cafe. it's always fun to go out with former classmates.
Ebie said…
Wowowow! Singin' and grovin' a blast!! Its been a while since I've been to Hard Rock. Funny about alumni reunion, our group would always be the "youngest"!! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing your fun at OWM.

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