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Monst...err... Mother-in-law

Hubster and I split up four years ago, so the woman I am talking about is history to me, although I don't want her to be so in my son's life; at least not totally until after she's gone. Mrs D is proud and fiercely supportive of her children. A rather premature widowhood must have brought out the best in her. She successfully raised six children single-handedly.

So on to this week's Small Talk Six topic: six things (good or bad) that you credit your mother-in-law for:

1. Calling the shots at my wedding. My then fiance and I were not so keen on a ceremony and reception, but she was. I don't speak Thai and he's useless at organizing such events. We couldn't pull off that kind of wedding the way she did. Being married in a completely different culture from your own is quite an interesting experience. Those chanting monks, strange but lovely paraphernalia and hours of rituals were important reasons why when we divorced, I made sure I got all the wedding albums.

2. A great cook. She invades my kitchen and turns my dining table abundant with luxury hotel restaurant-style Thai cuisine. I love to eat and she likes it when people enjoy her cooking. These two facts go perfectly together. Despite the language barrier this is where we relate well with each other.

3. She's loaded. I wasn't complaining against advantages that fell on hubster and me, like our rented 4-storey townhouse furnished in one sweep because she thought it was a cute thing to do; or when I attended international gradschool which of course doesn't come in cheap, she offered to be on stand-by in case we encounter financial difficulty. I was loose change beside her stock market adventures.

4. A devoted grandma. She helped raise adorable grandchildren. When she was informed I was starting to feel labor pains, she arrived at the hospital ahead of me.

5. Domestic entertainment: wielding considerable influence and power over her brood. It's evident during monthly family gatherings. Nothing was more amusing than to watch her sometimes tell her adult children off. She utters virtually one word and the gorgeous doctor (eldest son), the company executive (second son, my ex), the university professor (her daughter) all bow their heads and obey! She also fires her children's maids if she doesn't like them. In fairness, she finds replacements.

6. She was at the centre of my divorce. Need I say more?

~ Small Talk Six is brought to you by Karen at Momdot ~


Ebie said…
Na intrigue dayon ko sa title sa imong post. I know there was something juicy. Hehehe pareho diay ta, champion ang MIL nako sa luto! She passed on now pero ang sikreto sa iyang humba nakuha jud nako!
Hazel said…
Lol! MILs rule! I learned a lot from her, both good and bad :-)
Great list, I wish mine knew how to cook. That's a bad in my area ! Hope you have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…
ROLMAO...How clever is this. Your number 4 rocks but the bomb is 6. Food does wonders doesn't it. Seems to solve all problems big or small :) Have a great weekend loose change LOL
Hazel said…
LOL, Thom... food-loving loose change =)
I am Harriet said…
#1 happened to me too. I still wish I would have stood up to it and done what I wanted to do.

Have a great Saturday!
simply_unique said…
aww @ number 4 Great list!
MsRay said…
Loved your post. My late (and ex) mother-in-law was a woman with a strong personality, too, but a very caring, nurturing and kind-hearted person (and intelligent, too). We were close long before I became a part of their family. Unfortunately, she died a few years before I tied the knot with her son (my ex). Your post reminded me of my late ex mother-in-law. She was a beautiful woman of substance.
Pacey said…'re funny zel uy. Good or bad doesn't make a person greater or lesser, that's just the way they are and all we can do is to accept. In that case, we won't be miserable and that's the best thing we can give ourselves, diba?
She sounds like a strong woman. The loose change part cracked me up.
LoveMy2Dogs said…
She sounds like she was really into her family. lol

Here is mine
Bloggymommy said…
Great list! She sounds....interesting! have a wonderful weekend!
Tetcha said…
Your last description of your MIL speaks volumes. Haha!
chubskulit said…
Wow sis, you've got a grand MIL!
My best friend is Asian and this sounds exactly like her mom. Watching her control over the very intelligent household is amazing to me. Its weird though because in some funny way she is usually right in the big picture.

Heres mine

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