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Over coffee

Information overload is a reality that has been with us for awhile. It overwhelms but it's a feature of post-modern life that I rather like. On cyberspace alone there are loads of stuff to discover and enjoy. I just wish there's enough time to even touch the tiny tip of the iceberg. These are 13 reads this week in my nook that I have yet to deal with:

Coffee time
1. Cleantech: energy breakthroughs
2. Turn small savings into a big nest
3. Before you join the gold rush
4. The high cost of poverty: why the poor pay more
5. Writers praise Barack Obama's inaugural address
6. Billionaires who can buy entire countries
7. Britain's place in the New World Order

8. America's most mysterious places
9. Top ten eurovision countries
10. World's quietest places

11. Extraversion, neuroticism, psychoticism...
12. Integrative complexity and radicalizations...

13. Lists Galore


Anonymous said…
Can you imagine how many more of these are out there? You could have endless 13 lists. If you find a way to fit these in will ya let me in on your secret of how? Information overload. LOL
Journeywoman said…
interesting list. Happy tt!
Tracie said…
If I was a #6, I would look for a #10!! :) Maybe one day!

Happy TT!
fickleinpink said…
happy TT!

I'd like to look for that elusive #10!

Ebie said…
Pssst, galisud baya ko ug Tagalog. pastilan, naminaw man jud ko sa Panitikan ug balarila sa HS, mao nga tunay nga tagalog. Ex: kung sila mu sulti ug sweetheart, or mag boypren, akong sulti kay magkasintahan, hahahah!
Hazel said…
na wa na Ate Eb. e-google sa jud nako ng Panitikan ug Balarila hahahha..
Tracie said…
It is perfect timing for Arsenic and Old Lace because it has a bit of a Halloween moment to it.

I glanced down your page and read the post below and saw that you haven't seen Wizard of Oz!?! You must go see it immediately!!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Alice Audrey said…
Yeah, it's like having a library at your finger tips all the time.
Janet said…
good luck getting through your list!
Hootin' Anni said…
America's most Mysterious Places caught my eye!!!

My Thursday 13 is Halloween Themed jokes...come on over for some laughs. [You'll find it below my Thursday Thunks...scroll down a bit.]

Click HERE
I am Harriet said…
Lists galore-- I'm with ya....
Adelle Laudan said…
The travel section has me intrigued. Good luck!

Happy T13!
Pacey said…
Whoa! Gusto ko muadto sa no. 10. where are those? tell me ha...unsa mana pdf file na? tagai ko beh, heheheh...
Yup ... sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with information and that's when I grab my camera and go for a walk along the beach with Molly, but I do love being able to SEARCH out answers easily from home via my computer. Good luck with your list.
Hugs and blessings,
Calico Crazy said…
I sometimes force myself to delete, purge, skip, and otherwise ignore the available info, in order to keep my sanity.

Calico Contemplations
sandyland said…
It;s Thursday and I cannot understand my lists from earlier this week woe is me sandy

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