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Mannequin Meets Malling Monkey

Once in a Philippine mall my mother and I were looking at swimming trunks when Cj suddenly decided it was fun to pull the skirt off a baby mannequin. In an instant the poor mannequin went naked in front of other shoppers! Startled sales assistants's faces were like, "isn't child porn prohibited around here?"

Shopping has since become an activity that we seldom do. I find going around the mall trying to catch a hyperactive monkey at every turn too much. We don't spend long hours anymore, much less a day at the mall (Mommy Moments theme this week). But now that Cj is more receptive to shopping behavior instructions, it has become easier.

During one shopping in Bangkok I warned him that if he'd check out another mannequin like he did in PI, I would disappear. His response:

Unlike me he picks what he likes without deliberation. When the 7th installment of the Harry Potter series was released, it didn't take him 3 minutes to choose his merchandise:

It's only the playing he's actually after in malls. Beyond that he readily announces, "Mommy I want to go home," a signal that means "I'm bored."

If Cj turns out like his Dad who hates shopping, then my happy shopping days with a son are numbered

At least I no longer have to worry about being embarrassed any minute.

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grace fancubit said…
Anonymous said…
Such cute pictures. I tell ya I hate shopping but would take CJ. I'd be helping him. LOL. Kids bring out the best in me. Errr deviuous in me.
Hazel said…
You two just stay away from the mannequins, LOL! Really that's sweet of you, Thom.
anne said…
hahahaha i laugh so hard with what happen to the mannequin eerrrr. lol anyway mine is up hope u could take a peek happy mommy moments to u
sweet_shelo said…
CJ is a charmer.. so cute....pulling off a skirt from a baby maniquin.. so funny of him..kulit talaga cguro nyan
chubskulit said…
Ang gwapo gawpo talaga ni Kuya Cj hehehe... Great photos sis...

Malkwatsa kami kaya halika na at tingnan ang aming Strolling Adventures
nuts said…
what a handsome little boy!
Meikah said…
LOL. I can just imagine the shock of Cj, too, when he got a mannequin naked! You have a goodlooking guy!

My MM entry is here.
Enchie said…
My son and Cj will get along well. I don't know why boys and shopping doesn't go 100% together.
Chris said…
it can really be a challenge to bring hyper toddlers to the mall... toby can be a handful at certain days!
darly said…
that must be one heck of an experience for you mommy- pero kids are kids di ba, being cheeky and makulit is part of their childhood.

Happy MM and till next week.

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