Friday, 9 October 2009

Clan Reunion 1999

An aunt in Seattle told me we had this family reunion in December 1999 partly because Uncle J found out that his son's got a crush on a beautiful girl. This girl turned to be a second cousin! So before the crush turned into something romantic, he suggested we all gather for a reunion and get to know new members of the family.

Plans were immediately made. Everyone was notified and encouraged to make time for the event. In our case about six generations were involved and showed up so we called it a clan reunion. We are a huge clan I almost didn't notice that another cousin was flying home on the same plane with me.

Three great aunts who were widowed for a long time were going senile and were behaving like frustrated spinsters. Uncles talk business-like with great uncles. Another old maid aunt couldn't help implying that she preferred the old Filipino tradition of hand-kissing over "Hi Auntie!" We gladly obliged as she was paying for the eat-all-you-can snacks :-) Many of the kids provided musical entertainment. The city mayor gave a speech at the opening ceremony.

The happy chatter was endless. Food was fabulous. Bonding even more so. At the final day, I don't know what went into a few elders' heads. They insisted I accompanied them on the piano when they sang a very old gospel song. It's sooo unfair. The rest of the cousins my age were goofing with each other. I begged them to hold whatever they were feasting on and wait for me til I was done obeying the 'olds'. They just laughed and told me to hurry back.

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Alicia said...

Wow!! What a huge reunion!!! What fun that must have been!!

I'm sure you blessed them by playing the piano!!!

Anya said...

It sounds great a reunion
I wish we had it in our family :)))

nicquee said...

Your clan is indeed huge! I'm sure everyone had a blast.

Mine's up too.

Thom said...

What a wonderful reunion. Huge I might add. Sounds like everyone had a real good time. Thanks for sharing this my friend :)

sweet_shelo said...

I love attending Clan Reunions too. It's always nice to meet your extended family..

Carin said...

What a great time to all be together. How funny you didn't notice a cousin on the plane! Great flashback!

chubskulit said...

Mano po sis hehehe... Gnada naman, kaw ba yung nasa harap ng piano?

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Hazel said...

ako yan sis, inapi ng mga matatanda, lol! biruin mo ba naman sa lahat ng ipa-piano nila yong panahon pa ni magellan =)

Pacey said...

I've had fun reading this zel. Maayo diay ka mu piano ha... O diay, nangawagtang ang uban nako pics, old posts pa.

Chris said...

wow.. :D heheheh