Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Air Force One

Corazon Aquino and/or especially Ferdinand Marcos were the names on my mind for this week's TCP theme Presidents or their families. It was a just a fancy. I attempted a superficial search but I was 95% sure there aren't films about these Philippine presidents. At least none that I know of. So Air Force One it is.

Parts in the film that I could not forget are those of the president insisting his family and an injured staff member, not him, be safely ushered into the rescue jet first, the first daughter dangling mid-air between the two airborne planes screaming, Daddy! and the way the president saluted his men back after he and his family were rescued. In case you're wondering -- I'm twirling Recency Effects theory in my mind :-)

Robert Lynch provides the summary:
"A thriller about a steadfast U.S. President (Harrison Ford) who has just told the world he will not negotiate with terrorists. Russian neo-nationalists have hijacked Air Force One and the President is faced with a nearly impossible decision: give in to terrorist demands or sacrifice not only the country's dignity, but the lives of his wife and daughter

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kikamz said...

LOL! i thought too pero filipino movie makers haven't attempted making a film about our presidents yet.. cguro in time, they will muster enough courage. AIR FORCE ONE is a popular pick this week. this is the 2nd post with this film.

thanks for joining us this week haze! next week, we will feature animal films. take care and happy tcp!

Dee said...

Hi, I love this movie too. Even watched this again a couple of weeks ago. :)

Anya said...

I prefer romantic,horror or funny movies also cartoons .... :-)

Chris said...

we featured the same movie!

onlinemommy said...

I also like this film :)

btw, I am hosting a Thanksgiving contest, you might want to join the fun :)

God Bless!

Thom said...

LOL...I loved this movie. It is one that I watched if you can believe that :)

Judd Corizan said...

Hi Hazel-

I want to thank you for playing Sunday Stealing. We are excited to announce our new Friday meme, The Dating Profiles Meme (, and I'm inviting you to give it a shot. Every Friday we will find 10 of the strangest, lamest profile quotes from sites like or Yahoo Personals. We will choose gender neutral statements. This meme will ask you to give an honest reply or quip to the statement. Married or single, we know you'll enjoy it!

And whether you join us this Friday or not, thanks for playing with us Sundays.



Thom said...

I feel so bad for your co-worker. Boy a double whammy...I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and don't work too hard my friend. :) CJ wont be happy :) LOL And mama wont be happy either ROFLMAO

Hazel said...

Oh Thom, thanks for the cheer :-)