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Culinary drama

Truth be told my five-year old is difficult to feed. While there's no problem with Mcdonald fries or KFC nuggets, he eats them like he has no schooling to do, I have to invent all sorts of drama to make him eat fruits and veggies.

So far there hasn't been any luck with these:

I present this brown beauty to him with blueberry jam and tell him this is Mr Farmer Handsome. Eat it and you'll have a pretty girlfriend. He goes as far as licking the jam

Now comes the hard part, even for me when I was his age. No luck either. Fine! But then he doesn't know how delicious are these veggies when they become pinakbet. A friend in Pinas sent me bagoong (salted fish) so I didn't mind that Cj shunned it and I had this all to myself with the precious bagoong

This is where I had luck. He was fooled by the beef on the side. He didn't even question my hardly average cooking

The fact that he ate, (well, he didn't see the apple slices I hid under the carrot-dotted mayonnaise) made our week a successful one in the dining department.

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Ebie said…
Well, same here with my Zee, her favorite vegie is squash, so what I do is shred the carrots and spinach and mix them in my spaghetti sauce, instant hit with lots of met balls, and she eats it!

Enjoy your pinakbet!
Arlene said…
Zel, i feel you are just in pinas with those green and violet veggies. hehehe Kaw jud ha mangingilad! Ur on the right track in trying to cook something that he can eat and does not feel na gulay diay to. But trust me, when he turns big and can read and understand well na, he will just eat anything. Dimple was there eh.

Happy weekend!
Al said…
That is so true, kids are very hard to convince to eat veggies and fruits. Like you said, even you when you're a kid. Just familiarize him with all these veggies and let him try it one by one. Time will come, he will get to know it and who knows even try it!
Anya said…
The cake looks very yummie ......

Have a wonderful sunday !!!!
EJ said…
I love those fresh veggies!

Our weekend is pretty Mellow, come and see!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Wowowow sis sarpap nyan ipakbet.. padalhan mo ko ha hehehe.. I joined the OWM yipppeee...

I am sharing my family's A walk in the Park
sleigh beds said…
I like to eat green veg.

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