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The chat

Expect the unexpected. I should have gotten used to it by now. A colleague's father died the other day and a sombre mood permeates the office. Construction dust and dirt spray all over the front of Bldg. 18. That's what we have to endure to get to the cafeteria. The boss seems to be indefinitely enjoying his rising buildings so the topsy-turviness will be a part of our working lives til the last bulldozer goes away. I'm hoping to surprise myself with faves I can spot out of this week. Let me see...

1. Making a happy announcement. If there's a part of my job I can call a favorite, it's announcing good exam results and flashing a satisfied smile at students who topped the exams, congratulating them and seeing the expression on their faces. I will never tire of doing it.

2. Opportunity to encourage. I love leading students into taking their exam results as a challenge. Whether high or low, keep on improving, people.

3. A chat with the vice president. There's an issue with him that I decided to resolve with some compromise on my part. Social relations are very important to Thais. Having been here for more than a decade I ought to have learned how to deal with a sticky situation such as this was. I was fuming mad when I found it out last week. Thank goodness for time. It gave me the chance to calm down and revise my approach. There's also the fact that he's my wedding godfather and I just can't throw it away. At the end of the chat, he apologized. Did he really! In a strictly hierarchical society as Thailand, you don't normally expect those in the rung above you to ever say sorry to you; not that the sorry was all that mattered to me. But our relationship did manage to escape big damage because of the word.

4. Meeting Munchies. Ok I may be fond of food a wee bit too much. I love it when extra-cur activities are discussed over food.

5. Couch. I forgot it last week when I was describing our new office. But here it is smelling brand new with the plastic cover practically still clinging to it. Tired bodies could stretch out on it briefly after long lecture hours. It could almost match the feeling of relaxing at home

Yay, got them all five :-)
~ Visit Susanne @ Living to Tell the Story for more faves ~


Anonymous said…
WOOT...great chat my friend. And an apology to boot. Good think you didn't go in like a fire breathing dragon LOL. Your number 1 and 2 are the bomb as well :) Great week...and food...mmmm mmm good :) Have a wonderful Friday :)
Hazel said…
Fire breathing dragon wahahahaha!... I'm laughing and Cj is staring at me like I've gone mental Rofl!!!
Kari said…
Well good for you and having a chat with the vice president. I'm learning a thing or two about social relations and the heirachy of them.
I love new furniture!
Happy Weekend.
Islandsparrow said…
I'm glad you could find some bright spots during a tough week. My sympathy goes out for your colleague.

I am a retired teacher so I know what you mean about encouraging students to improve and do their very best. It's gratifying. Also staff relations - so important - I'm glad that exchange went so well.

Munchies and a place to relax - lovely!

Happy weekend.
Susanne said…
LOL to Thom's comment.

I'm so glad you had the courage to go to your superior and everything worked out. A simple I'm sorry does work wonders.

A job where you can make happy announcements? Priceless! :v)
Melli said…
You GO Hazel! I can imagine mySELF like Thom's fire breathing dragon! I always need time to reel myself in - but often fly off before I've had the opportunity! So YAY for you! I'm glad THAT sticky situation worked out for you!

I'm surprised to hear that your parents chose your major - you do seem to like your career and from your side, you seem good at it!

A COUCH at MY school got me in trouble one time when I was teaching! I layed down for a quick rest during my break period -- and slept through the first 15 minutes of my next class! UGH! Use that couch CAREFULLY!
Lisa notes... said…
How right you are -- we often surprise ourselves once we start looking for faves. Good point.

It's wonderful that you use opportunities to encourage others. Since I have a daughter in college, I know how important it is to have people encouraging students to do their best.

Glad you worked on resolving the issue and saved a relationship! Definitely a big favorite.

I'm so appreciative of the note you left on my blog this morning. It was the perfect timing to receive such sweet words. Blessings to you!
Barbara H. said…
#1 and 2 are so great! I'm glad the chat in #3 worked out well.

Munchies and a comfortable place to crash are great benefits!
Jewel said…
Usually when I get so mad, I write to my sister before I write to my victim. She then tells me what I shouldn't say (which, in my rage, can be most of the email). I then adjust it, and forward it to the that angered me.

So what is it that you teach? I know you have mentioned a few times your students and exams.

Yes, I love my elephants. I would love to have a pair of colorful ornate elephants from Thailand! Maybe one day.
Brenda said…
How wonderful that you were able to resolve the situation with your boss and keep that relationship. I think extra meetings are easier to handle when we have food as well :)
Willow said…
Such encouraging FFFs, Hazel. You are to be commended for approaching the potential fire spewing dragon situation in a problem solveing manner, to say nothing of a loving and godly way. That fave should be worth all five :)

Oh yes! 1 and 2 are definetly wonderful events. I love the happy faces of students.

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